Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 4 - 287.2 lbs

06 Oct 09
Weight 287.2 pounds and 5453 steps (2.73 miles).  Okay so there is a .2 pound gain from yesterday.  Not going to get excited about it.  Thinking it was a combination of the dessert for lunch and eating out last night.  Even though I was careful last night I probably over did it a bit and the food of course was prepared differently than what I would at home.  Next time think I will look at the senior's menu and see if there is a smaller version of the Steak Sandwich also have to pass up the dessert for lunch and have a fruit instead, groan.  But if I am to succeed at this I have to learn my limitations.  An old saying comes to mind "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips".  Last night at meeting we had a progam on journaling and it really hit home as to how important it is.  Statistics show that 85% of people will have a better time with weight lose than those that don't. 

1 egg fried in non stick pan with vegetable spray
1 oz back bacon
1 slice dry whole wheat toast
1/2 cup raspberry yogurt
1 orange

green tea
raisin bran muffin

1 wiener and bun

2 oz parmesan chicken
1 small baked potato with 1 teaspoon sour cream
1 cup cauliflower
4 canned plums

Had a bran muffin this morning due to a small digestive problem that required a bit of fibre.  Screwed up at lunch as I thought the cafeteria would have a soup that I could have rather than taking some from home.  All they had was cream or pasta soups so I decided to not have any.  It really didn't bother me and I didn't feel hungry.

Tonite I have my 12 step meeting and I am going to give my sponsor my blog site address.  She deserves some of the credit for my starting it as it was her choice of movie that had us go see Julie & Julia.  She's an amazing lady and puts up with a lot of crap out of me so hopefully by doing this and following my 12 steps I will be able to repay her in some small way.

Hubby was a little put out when I told him of my lose of 5.4 pounds, being as he's supposed to have been working with me on this and hasn't really lost anything.  Says it had him really thinking this morning.  Thnk you God, for showing him what he can have if he just follows the plan.  I think he also now sees how hard it has been for me dealing with a food addiction for all these years.

What an awesome 12 step meeting.  The power was out at the church where we meet so it was decided to have a get to know you meeting.  Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity and to allow me to see that so many others suffer from the same disease that I do.  It is amazing how both my support meetings this week have been about journaling.  It is truly fantastic.  I can see now that God had put the answer before me all along I just never had the common sense to see it for what it was.  Even if no one ever reads this blog I will know in my heart that it was the right thing to do.

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