Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 240 - I'm back on line..........

Wow, that was some experience.  Apparently, I hit a wrong button when I blogged last and locked myself out of my, and all my sites I follow as well..  Not sure how I did that but I did, I have never professed to be a techie so just goes to show what happens when you don't know what your're doing.  I am very glad to be back in more ways than one.

We have had horrible weather here the past two days.  Yesterday we got close to 3 inches of wet, heavy snow..........yes, you heard right snow.  It has been dreary and dismal, it has stopped snowing but now the wind is blowing.  I know Alerta weather is unpredictable but this is getting a little on the ridiculous side.

How is everyone?  I weighed in at 279.6 this morning.  I'm not gaining a lot so am happy that I am holding my own.  Trying not to let events get me down as I don't want to start using food as a crutch.  When you are an emotional eater it seems that you tend to use every emotion as an excuse to eat.  Not gonna happen here, I've got a long road ahead till all this settles down so it is one day at a time.

1 Tassimo Latte (100)
8 oz grapefruit sections w/juice (100)
4 oz yogurt (25)

Morning Coffee
1 Tassimo Latte (100)

1 raw pepper (25)
1/2 english cucumber (25)
2 cheese sticks (120)
1/2 cup applesauce (50)

Afternoon Snack
1 Life bar (100)
1 cup Earl Grey tea

5 oz roasted pork tenderloin (275)
4 oz steamed potato (80)
6 oz steamed carrots (35)
1 raw pepper (25)
1/2 english cucumber (25)
1 tablespoon Russian dressing (60)


  1. Snow - wow!
    Weight is holding - that's good, too!

  2. You are doing great Tessa.
    I guess I wasn't willing to admit I was an emotional eater, but through this journey, now I know I am for sure!!! I so admire how well you are doing considering the stress you are under. Makes me want to quit feeling sorry for myself and get back at it when I see how you haven't givin in!!! Keep up the good work!