Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 235 - Does it never end.....

My life is now starting to sound like a soap opera.... oh woo is me.  Had to take my dad to ER yesterday.  Sometime ago they gave him a pace maker because they thought he needed it.  He's been having chest pains, sweats and shaking ever since.  Regular visits to the ER has not turned up anything.  Now they suspect he may have a blockage. 

I just now received a call from my son that his fiancee is on her way to the UofA hospital in Edmonton by ambulance.  She went out for a horseback ride this afternoon and got bucked off.  She has blood in her urine so they are rushing her in suspecting internal bleeding. 

The icing on the cake - hubby called the specialist's office in Calgary today to see about his appointment.  He's been classified as a Priority 2 (no one would explain what that means), and he has to call back in mid July to make an appointment to make an appointment for mid to late August. 

Is my life crazy or what?  Seems like it just never ends.......all this waiting is definitely taking it's toll on me.  I can't eat, I can't sleep and I don't have any thing good going on right now.


  1. Oh-my-GOODNESS!
    I'm so sorry Tessa :( When it rains it really does pour :(

    I can not believe hoW they are treating your husband! That just makes me sick!!! He should be a top priority, I don't understand...

    There is nothing that I can think to say to make you feel any better :( Just know that we are thinking about you, and hoping for the best. For your husband, your son's finance, your father and for you.

    I know it's hard, but try and think of the good things you do have. You're changing your life for the better, it sounds like you have wonderful children...

    Make sure you are taking care of yourself... hang in there Tessa. You're in my thoughts and prayers. *Big Hug*

  2. I missed this post, so sorry but glad to see you future DIL is going to be okay.

    I don't know how you do it with the healthcare system there - they would drive me nuts. Mine is and we [over]pay for them. Argggh.

    How is your husband doing - is there any improvement? Good thoughts you way sweetie. Take care.

    Remember take care of youself first - hard to do but if you want to take care of everyone else you have to be good, right?

    Hugs to you!