Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 217 - CAT Scan Results

Ok, seen the doctor this morning and the diagnois is CHOLESTEATOMA, which is a soft tissue tumor filled with infection. He has to see an ear surgeon in Calgary that is being set up as quickly as possible due to the concern of the infection eating through the plate between the ear and the brain. At this point it does not look as if that has happened and they do not want it to. It's all very technical so if you want more info go to and you can read up on it. So we are back to waiting for another appointment but it sounds as if Dr. Pabbies is going to call in a favor and see if he can make it happen soon. The ear surgeon is a personal friend of his. We just have to keep praying that all will turn out ok.

I didn't think we would get away with just seeing the doc and getting the results, so really we aren't much farther ahead other than knowing it is there and what it is called.  So now we sit and wait again till the doctor's office in Calgary calls with an appointment.

1 cup corn bran cereal
2 oz milk
4 oz yogurt
8 oz grapefruit sections

1 kaiser bun w/2 oz ham, 1 cheese slice and mustard
2 small california sushi rolls
1 orange


  1. Oh sweetie, more waiting. My thoughts and prayers are with you - and it does sound like they are going to get you all in quick - it sounds like a scary diagnosis, but that they caught it in time? Don't let this get you down - you have a diagnosis, which is better than not - and they do seem to want to expedite this.

    If you need someone to chat with or anything at all you can find me at my blog, okay? Don't hesitate to ask okay?

  2. Think positive! A good doctor is worth waiting for!

  3. At least it's some news right? That's so good that the infection is contained.
    I hope you don't have to do the waiting game to long this time, and they will call very soon!!