Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 227 ..........Down .8 from last week

Well tonight was weigh in and I did better than I thought, I was down .8, it isn't that much in the scheme of things but considering what the past week has been like I'll take it.

Things did not progress as we thought they should today for hubby.  He went to the walk-in clinic and the doctor confirmed that this needs to be tended to as soon as possible.  Duh, we already knew that, but then on the other hand he said this is Alberta.  So even though we have a supposedly great health care system you are just a number and you have to wait till you get called.  The fluid that is draining has now changed from off white with red streaks to an almost dull orange.  Yes, there is infection, they are not in a hurry to stop this thing from advancing to the brain, if it hasn't already.  Hubby wants to wait till the end of the week to see if we hear from the surgeon and if not then I will be placing a call to his office on Tuesday.  We did find out that it won't do any good to go to Edmonton to the ER as apparently there is only one surgeon in the province that does this type of thing .... you guessed it, he's the one we are waiting on.  This is totally maddening.

As for the rude receptionist, I haven't decided what to do there.  That also may come to a head on Tuesday.  I may have to make an office visit so I get the point across. 

Enough with the on going saga, I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it by now.  Tina, our BBQ is this weekend coming up and sounds like everyone is going to come that was invited so it should be fun.  Will mean some extra work for me but it will take my mind off of things.

4 oz yogurt
1 banana
1 orange

1/2 english cucumber
1 pepper
1 tablespoon low cal dressing
4 oz cottage cheese
1 orange

1 bunless burger
2 cups ceasar salad


  1. Oh, read that wrong lol. Well I hope you have fun NEXT weekend then :)

    I think I speak for everyone when I say we are NOT tired of hearing about your ongoing saga :)

    In reading some one's blog, you sometimes come care about that person and their life. Ups AND downs. This is part of your life right now, and we all wish we could help you through it...
    It's good to write about it, especially if it helps let off some steam!

    I'm so sorry things are not happening... I really feel for you both, having to wait around like this must be awful. Just keep praying about it and don't give up hope...

    Good Job on the loss!!!

  2. Great work on the continued loss! Wow, it doesnt get any harder than that. Sorry about hubby. I cant for the life of me understand why it isnt now being treated as an emergency!? Dont be scared to make a fuss - talk to the surgeon. Dont let that receptionist (who isnt a doctor) stand in the way. Please make sure you talk to the surgeon ASAP! He may thank you for it later.(By the way Im SO NOT tired of hearing about it. I love being able to offer support where its needed.) xxxooo

  3. I have to agree with the ladies - I never tire of reading anything you write - be it good, bad or ugly - but I do wish for you that the bad and the ugly would stop already - I can't imagine the frustration you must feel but I do empathize with how scared you all must be.

    Michaela is right - you need to pitch a snit - I know you all have different health care there but there is something so wrong - they have to do something now -

    And great job on the loss - make sure it is from healthy eating and not stress :D [I know you are eating well - I am just teasing]

    I wish there was something we could do - but know we are here for an ear and a hug!