Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 213 - 276 lbs

Well I actually had a lose tonight, only 1.6 pounds, but a lose just the same.  Guess eating all those fruit and veggies has paid off.

1 pkg instant oatmeal
2 oz milk
4 oz yogurt
1/2 cup fruit cocktail

1.5 cups cucmbers & peppers chopped up w/1 tablespoon low calorie dressing
2 cups homemade beef vegetable soup
1 cup watermelon

1 cup beef vegetable soup
1/2 club snadwich

Still no word from the doctor...........grrrrrrrrrr


  1. Doctors are aggravating - I just had my fill - hang in there it does take time.

    AND YAY! A lose - good for you [don't let the doctors overshadow it] That is wonderful.

    I hope you have a great week and the news is going to be good when you get it.

  2. Hey babe, 1.6 lbs is a good, sustainable rate of weight loss. Great work! Its been a tough time with your hubbys health lately and you SO could have gone the other way. Im proud of ya!!! xxooo

  3. ONLY 1.6 pounds?
    1.6 pounds is Great Tessa! Good Job!