Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 221 - A New Dawning.............

Last night's weigh in was a reality check for me.  It shows how quickly the pounds can go back on when you do mindless eating.  Today dawns a new beginning, one where I really have to work hard at this or I will be right back where I started.  I cannot let life events get to me, and I have to stop using them as an excuse to stuff my face. 

8 oz grapefruit sections
4 oz yogurt

2 cheese sticks
1 pepper, 1/2 english cucmber cut in chunks w/1 tablespoon low cal dressing
8 oz V8 juice


  1. how are you going to react to life's circumstances?

    The events don't define us but how we respond to those events does.

    Stay focused and keep at it.

  2. YOU said it, and only YOU can do it!

    Make it happen!

  3. I hear you there Tessa. That's what I did last (and this so far) week, because I got sick, and stressed I just gave up pretty much...

    You are so right, if we use life's events as excuses, we will NEVER loose all the weight we want to! More important, never be able to keep it off!

    You are going through a really difficult time, over all I think you have been doing well. Hang in there!