Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 222 - 279.6 lbs

Wow, thanks for all the comments on my "There's always tomorrow" posting.  I love reading all the different points of view.  And it is always healthy for me when someone disagrees with me, thanks Tina.  Tina made a really good point, what will I say when I have an oops.  I never really thought about that and at this point I don't know.  My main thing is going to be trying to live in the moment, one day at a time.  Sometimes I get to focused on the future and don't do enough today.

Tina, thank you for your input, I can definitely see where it is a step forward for you and if it works then keep on doing it.  I think what set me off on the train of thought was when I was cleaning up my blog list of sites that I follow.  As I stated in a previous posting if there is no posting for 2 weeks (providing there are extenuating circumstances such as illness or vacation) then I delete the blog from my list.  I do this for 2 reasons: 1) it means that the person was not serious about making a lifestyle change and 2) I get no encouragement if there are no postings no matter how negative.

A lot of us started blogging for different reasons, but the ultimate goal was weight lose.  I go back and read some of the entries to see where things might have gone wrong for them and see if there are things that I am doing that mirror their actions.  The one comment that I have been reading over and over on the blogs that are now not posting was "there's always tomorrow".  Remember Stacey, wonder where she has gone, how she is doing and obviously she has not found her tomorrow.  We all kind of connected off of her blog but that is all we have in common with her now because we are still going strong.

4 oz yogurt
8 oz grapefruit sections

1 yellow pepper
1/2 cucumber
1 tablespoon low cal dressing
1/2 cup canned madarine oranges
2 cheese sticks

3/4 cup Thai shrimp
1 cup cucumber slices
1 banana

Thanks Tina for your words of wisdom.  You are right that when we get down at the end of the day it's ok to say there's always tomorrow.  But I think when it comes to using it as an excuse to fill one's face with food it's an easy out.  At least I know for me it is.  I can always justify my eating by thinking I can start over again tomorrow.  Problem is it sometimes takes me a long time to get to tomorrow.  I want to start on a day divisable by 5, I'll start at the beginning of the month, on a birthday, a holiday, the middle of the month, Sunday is always a good day to start.........and so on goes the million and one reasons why I can't start today.  What the heck is wrong with starting today and sticking with it.  Sounds like something I need to do.


  1. I reread your post from yesterday, and I definitely see your point. It IS sometimes an excuse or a way to make it ok to do bad, to say "oh well. There's always tomorrow."

    I guess I was thinking more about the end of the day when I sit down and do my blog and see that I am not happy with myself, THEN I can have that hope and confidence that tomorrow can be better.

    Two different views :) I'm glad we can be so open about our points of view. It's nice to have such a support system, not everybody will agree on everything all the time, but it's still really great and encouraging! :)

    I was also wondering about Stacy (because I had such a rough week, and the word EXCUSE did rear it's ugly head for me). I have nothing but good wishes for her, because whether she stuck with it or not, she did inspire me to start my blog.

    AND now I know you from that! So It's all good :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I know EXACTLY what you mean about putting off starting over! Story of my life!
    I too would wait till a date I thought significant. My birthday EVERY year, EVERY new years day, my son's birthdays, and the 1st of the month... not anymore! Even though I really messed up lately, I'm not waiting for Sunday or Monday or the 1st of next month. NEVER AGAIN!

    You're so right, live in today and sticking with it! That is how we are finally going to loose this weight and AND keep it off! I have so much confidence that we can do it! Both of us!
    Woooo Hoooo!!!! :)

  3. When I fall off the wagon for whatever reason, I try to put that MEAL behind me and pick right back up at the next MEAL, not TOMORROW. I find that this helps me look forward to the good things, not dwell on the bad things. Try it, it does work!