Monday, November 29, 2010

Weigh in Monday .....

Yes, it is Monday again and I will be posting my weight after TOPS weigh in this evening.  I'm not concerned about whether I lose of not but more that I have been able to maintain through these past couple of weeks.  Still doing lots of walking and trying hard to make sure that I don't let my emotions and stress cause me to binge.  So far it has been ok, once in awhile I get the urge but usually talk myself out of it.  I think working 12 hours days has helped some as well, I'm too darn tired to care about eating.

Spent the weekend finishing up Christmas shopping with hubby.  I felt to bad for him as he could hardly walk but what a trooper, he stayed the mile the whole day.  He never complained even though there were several times when he looked like he was gonna go crazy from the pain.  I can't wait to see if this new treatment gives him some relief.  So far nothing but we all know that some drugs take up to 6 weeks to take effect.

House is a disaster area, wrapped presents most of yesterday.  Can't believe it takes so long and now have to find a place to put them all as the tree won't go up till the 16th.  Oh the joys of Christmas, in spite of it all it is still my favorite holiday.

Ok, have to head off to work but will be back this evening with the weigh in results.

Well, as you can see I was up a pound, have to work harder this week if I want to keep it under 280.

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