Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Help me, I'm drowning ............

Weigh in - 280.8 lbs - I know this is a gain but someone (no names mentioned) forgot to take her morning meds yesterday and woke up with swollen legs and hands this morning

1 cup Rice Krispies w/2 oz 1% milk & 1/2 teaspoon sugar (170)
4 oz yogurt (80)
1 peach/mango fruit cup (90)
1/2 banana (have to share with the Pugs) (40)
1 pkg Tetley Tea Infusion (100)

2.5 cups raw veggies (celery, green onions, pepper, cucumber) (125)
2 tablespoons low calorie dressing (50)
1 frozen meal - Stouffer's Turkey & Stuffing (260)
17 green grapes (60)

1 cup Tuna Helper (300)
1/2 cup green peas (60)
1 cup yellow beans (50)

Water:     32 oz
Calories:  1385
Steps:      5445

We can get Stouffer's frozen meals here in Canada and they are delicous.  Smart Ones has some that I like as well, I just don't find them as satisfying as the Stouffer's.  In fact Stouffer's has a website that you can build your own weight lose menu using some of thier products.  I have checked it out but not too seriously yet.  Will see how this week goes and then maybe look at it if I need some help.

As you can see I have managed to get some water down me.  I took an ice cube tray to work and put it in the freezer.  My routine at work is to have my hot Tetley Infusion tea in the morning, then at morning break, lunch and afternoon break to drink 12 oz of ice water.  That will give me 48 oz of fluid per day and that is enough, thank you very much, or I will drown.


  1. I'm sorry 'someone' forgot their morning meds yesterday and woke up all swollen. I hope the day has gotten better from there. Menu is looking good. Keep going girl.

  2. I hate that when that happens Tess - don't go forgetting those meds...I mean tell her not to go forgetting her meds. heehee

    You always have such yummy tasting frozen meals with great calories. Can't wait to see what today's is! [Where do you get yours, we don't seem to have really yummy ones here.]

    You did really good yesterday, so it has to be the swelly - and today it is going great too. I'll see you tonight! Hugs and drink your water!

  3. YAY...looks like you have done awesome so far today....hope that the water is going well!!

  4. Hi Tessa! I popped over from SkippyMom's blog and wanted to say that I think that I will join you both in your goals...well, make my own goal...you know what I mean :-) I am needing to lose some weight and think that I could definitely use the support of others, although I'm not sure how/if I will want to present it on my blog.

  5. Welcome Sally, the more the merrier. We can all use some extra support to reach out goals. Gonna pop on over to your blog and see what you have going!

  6. YAY for Sally - Welcome! You can do it any way you like - post, don't post or you can email me or Tessa.

    We are here for you - so let's have fun with this, shall we?

    Nice job on the water Tess AND the calories. I got my sodium up [finally] this morning. Just had an ick day yesterday and didn't blog.

    Keep it up and I'll see you later. Hugs to all!

  7. Can I join in this challenge your doing? I could REALLY use the support.

  8. Great job yesterday Tessa. Looks like you did good with your food and your water. Keep up the great work.

  9. Come on board Barbara, all are welcome. This is more of a self-challenge than anything. This whole thing is about supporting anyone that wants to get a handle on something in their life that is causing frustration.

  10. Awesome I'm excited, thanks Tessa. I had so much fun on our last little challenge, the support was the best..I need to form a support system because my family is the complete opposite of supportive, they try to sabotage me. So I started a new little plan on Monday, working on taking small steps towards a healthier me. So far so good..It's good to be back in blogland, I missed blogging, I missed the support and being able to support others too.