Thursday, November 11, 2010

We now return to our regular program .......

Weight this morning was 276.6  pounds.  I knew it was coming because of yesterday.  I started out the morning great, everything was good and then about 10:30 things went awray.  My blood sugars dropped so bad that I got the shakes and almost passed out.  Normally I have some snack bars at my desk for just this type of occasion but I had run out and forgot to bring in some more.  From that point on the panic button got hit and I was looking for anything that had sugar in it.  My co-worker gave me a peppermint candy and someone had a cupcake.  So I ate those and still felt bad so I did have a package of Uncle Ben's rice in my desk so I ate that.  Finally the sugars started to level out but it was to late to stay on track.  That little bit of sugar set off a binge for carbs and I have been on the hunt ever since.  No excuses just that is the way my body reacts to sugar and carbs but I needed both of them to pull myself out of a potentially dangerous situation.  I am not diabetic but every once in awhile my blood sugars take a drastic drop.  Normally I can handle it with eating a balanced diet but yesterday got away from me.  Still felt a bit sluggish today but much better tonight.

So I am going to skip posting what I have eaten the past two days mainly because some of it is a blur and I can't remember.  I am going to get back on track tomorrow and have my snack bars all packed up and ready to go to the office.  I also have to learn that too much caffiene can cause this as I had a 12 oz flavored coffee yesterday morning. 

So I will say goodnight and I'll be back tomorrow with a fresh start.  Remembering my uncles that fought for my freedoms and all those still serving and who will serve in the future.  Thank you for laying your lives on the line so that I can enjoy living in a land of freedom.  God bless you all!


  1. Most importantly you take care of you first. That is our motto. You need to keep your sugars good Tessa.

    Take care and please be good to yourself. I understand juice is good for low sugar. Perhaps keep some on hand.

    Don't go scaring me woman...hee - bad ticker and all.

    Hugs and love. Sweet dreams.

  2. Tessa- sounds scary...but glad you were able to get it under control!! Hugs..

  3. Wow - that is scary!!! Do all you can to keep it under control.

    Hope you have a great day!!!

    Keep focused!!!

  4. Tessa I used to deal with the same problem with my sugar levels dropping on me like that. I have passed out from it before. For years I carried around fruit with me where ever I went. An apple and an orange were always in my bag with me at all times. Sometimes I would toss a banana in there too (they don't last nearly as long as apples and oranges though, you gotta eat those or take them back out the bag right away)

    Orange juice or apple juice are also good. Sometimes I would toss an apple juice, juice box in my bag too..Just for good measure. You know when this first started happening someone suggested I carry around a candy bar for that 'quick fix' but it made things worse for me. That sudden raise and then sudden drop in sugars again would mess me up ALL DAY.

    I had tried regular soda in the past too. Another 'quick fix' without last results that just made me go for another soda or some other sugary option for another 'quick fix'. I realized my body just didn't like these 'quick fix' options. It reacts much better to natural sugars from fruit then it does to sugary crap. Juice works even faster than fruit so if it's real bad drink a juice box..Then eat a piece of fruit..