Monday, November 8, 2010

Weigh In ----

Weight - 275.4, that's down 4 pounds this week, and considering I was at a high of 281.4 that means I managed to get rid of 6 pounds total.  Now I have to make sure I keep it off.

1 serving Mini Wheats w/2 oz 1% milk (220)
4 oz yogurt (80)
6 oz blackberries (60)
1 pkg Tetley Tea Infusions

2 cups mixed raw vegetables (100)
2 tablespoons low cal dressing (80)
3 oz lean roast beef (165)
1/2 cup mashed potatoes (80)
1/2 cup kernel corn (60)
2 tablespoons low fat gravy (50)
6 oz blackberries (60)

Tonight is my TOPS meeting so will have an update on that weigh in for you when I get home.  And as usual we go out for dinner after meeting so pray that I can make some good choices.

6 oz grilled steak (330)
1 oz shredded cheese (80)
4 cups salad (200)
balsamic vinegar for dressing
1 slice garlic toast (80)

Not sure about counting all those calories for the salad is right because lettuce really is a free food, so I allow 25 calories per 1/2 cup.  I did ok though, knew what I was going to have before we went in and stuck to it.  TOPS weigh-in tonight: 278 lbs - 3.6 lb loss from last week, and I got loser of the week.

Calories:  1645
Water:     30 oz
Steps:      6402


  1. Great job Tessa. Congrats on the loss. I'm so happy for you and proud of you. You are doing wonderful. Menu so far looks yummy, I'm sure you can make healthy choices at dinner tonight. Have fun.

  2. You are amazing girlie! You are doing great - and just treat eating out like you did last week. You can eat yummy stuff too.

    And Frosted Mini Wheats - love those suckers - low in calories, sodium and HIGH in IRON [90% of your DA] so freaking tasty.

    I have a big ol' bowl of wash and picked grapes in my fridge - I find if I clean them and single them out I will eat them everytime I open the fridge - yummy cold snack, very sweet - NO sodium - and I curb the desire for the cheese, lunch meat or whatever else my salt seeking tongue was looking for. heehee

    I did the grapes b/c of you - so I have to say BIG thanks. It helps so much!

    I am so happy we did this Tessa - and you are rocking the heck out of it!

    Love you!

  3. Fantastic Tess. Keep it up!


  4. Cheering you on from over here...amazing job!!

  5. WOOOHOOO Tessa. Great choices eating out last night. Congrats on making loser of the week. Awesome. So proud of you. Keep up the great work. :0)

  6. You have absolutely had a fabulous week! Congrats on your loss! Way to go on the dinner food choices, too! Dinig out is a HUGE struggle for me because I almost always make very poor choices...or overeat :-( I had been doing better, but I've slid back into the old bad habits. I'm trying to break them again, though. I have my WW meeting tonight, so we'll see how my week went.