Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've never piddled so much in my life

Weight - 281.4 - yes it is up again and all I can attribute it to is not taking my pills on Monday, seems like that sets things in reverse for a few days but I am not going to sweat it cuz I know it will reverse itself in the next couple of days.

So today I consumed almost 40 oz of water/tea and it caused me no ends of problems.  I had forgotten the reason that I don't drink as much water as I should is because I'm not supposed to......duh.  I have a medical condition that restricts the amount of liquid my bladder can hold at any one time to less than 3 tablespoons so needless to say I was in the washroom a zillion times today.  I have to come up with a plan that will let me still consume some water but not interupt me every 10 minutes at work.  Everyone was looking at me as if I had a strange disease.  It's funny how we have something for so long that we actually forget it is there until we do something that gives us a very strong reminder.  It's not much fun but I had learned to control it by controlling my fluid intake.  In fact the urologist told me not to drink large amounts of liquid at any one time in order to prevent frequent trips to the brainer there.  And the pain that comes with an over stressed bladder is not pleasant but a lesson well learnt.

1 cup Rice Krispies w/ 2 oz 1% milk and 1/2 teaspoon sugar (170)
4 oz yogurt (80)
1/2 banana (50), I have to figure out how to eat a whole banana before the Pugs realize I have it
1 pkg Tetley Tea Infusions (100)

2 cups raw veggies (celery, pepper, cucumber, green onion) (100)
2 tablespoons calorie wise dressing (80)
80 grams BBQ farmer's sausage (168)
17 green grapes (60)

3 oz breaded minute steak (255)
1.5 cups steamed broccoli (75)
1/2 cup sauted mushrooms (50)
1 can Pepsi (100)

Normally I don't drink pop due to the calorie count in them.  I can't drink diet pop as it gives me horrid headaches.  I found these little cans of Pepsi and they are 100 calories each and every now and then I have one.  A six pack will last me for about 4 months so you can tell I don't drink it very often.

Calories:  1188
Water:     40 oz
Steps:      7716

How was everyone's day?  I'm off to do my blog rounds (makes me sound like a big shot doctor)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Great job with your food, water and steps. You are doing an awesome job, keep up the great work. So proud of you Tessa.

  2. Sorry about the water intake Tessa - I had no idea, except I do, because I shy away from it for similar reasons. I just didn't know you had to, so now what are we do to do? hmmm.

    You are doing so awesome in the calorie/step category - I am so proud of you. I swear I went to have dinner tonight and realized if I ate it I would totally blow my sodium and thought "Nope, not going to do that to Tess" and instead of a lovely sloppy joe [love] I had something less sodium rich [those lil' suckers are almost 700 mg. who knew!] And the oreos are almost gone, so I am being good there.

    You should have a great sleep tonight. You done good girl - now tell me where do I get one of those dog signs that says "Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog"

    Pooldad and I were wetting our pants laughing - PERFECT.

    Gosh I love you and so proud of you. Keep on!

  3. YAY for doing so well...sorry that you got a reminder as to why you don't drink alot of water. but sounds like you are doing really well..