Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monday's Weight In

Well I was up by a pound but that is ok with me especially with the stress that I have been under.  This time of year it is really hard to maintain never mind adding life's pressures to the mix.  I apologize for not posting more but I'm so tired after working 12 - 14 hrs/day that basically I just do not have the energy.

It's been quite an exciting time in my life.  On Sunday my niece and her mom came up from Calgary for a surprise visit.  Not only was the visit a surprise but so were some of the events that happened while they were here.  Lelia has never met my parents (her grandparents) as her parents separated when she was a baby.  So we were sitting around chatting and she mentioned she was now ready to meet them.  My mom has not been in my home for over 3 years and has just recently begun to speak to me again.  I called my dad and told him that Lelia would like to meet them and could they come for tea.  Now I knew my dad would come but never dreamed my mom would.  She first she wouldn't talk to anyone but by the time she left she was talking and even a smile crossed her face once in awhile.  Thank you God for small miracles.

Saturday one of my co-workers and I did a baking marathon.  We baked for 14 hours, now I know that probably seems a bit excessive but we have several girls in the office that have just recently had surgery and I know they can't do any baking for their families this Christmas.  So we have made up trays to take to them.

Christmas activities are moving along nicely.  The upcoming days/weeks are pretty much filled up on a daily basis.  It always seems like there is a big build up and then poof it's over before we know it.

Well that is pretty much my week in review.  Today I am heading to the clinic for my annual mammy squeeze then tonight some of us from work are heading to the first co-workers for a visit. 

Take care everyone and I'll be back soon.


  1. Don't apologize! Even though I miss ya, I know you are a busy lady :)

    Wow, that's some news about your Mom... you really are a sweet heart you know that?

    Sounds like everything is going well :)

    Have fun with the squeezing... definitely not something I'm looking forward to doing on a yearly basis :) But I know it's a good thing!

  2. Keep hanging in there! How is your hubby doing after his surgery? And good news about your mom!!

  3. great news about your mom! and very nice of you guys to bake for those girls' families!

  4. Hey Tessa!
    I hope everything is good :)
    You're probably just busy, see you soon!

  5. Baking goodies for your co-workers who can't do it themselves is what the Christmas spirit is all about. Giving from your heart and expecting nothing in return, I think Christmas is so commericalized these days that people forget that.

    Been thinking of you daily even though I haven't gotten to get on my blog and check anyone elses lately. Happy Holidays. ((Huggles))

  6. I am going to make this short because it didn't take my last long a** comment.

    I am back, still thinking of you and in your corner.

    Hang in there sweetheart. You can do it.