Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ready, set, go ..............

Ok, Miss Skippy I am all geared up for tomorrow.  Just been to the store and stalked up on fruits and veggies.  Have the water problem figured out (I think), pedometer is reset and ready for some serious walking.  If I knew how to make it on here you'd see me sticking my tounge out at ya!!!!!

Actually I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  There will be two weigh-ins on Monday's, one when I get up in the morning and one from my evening TOPS group.  Now I know they will be different but that is ok, at least they will be posted.

We survived the Halloween themed wedding, it was very different but really cute, and made it home safe and sound.  I now have to cram 2 days of housework into a couple of hours and get ready to be invaded by all the spooks and spookettes.

Have a wonderful evening everyone and I'll be back on the morrow!!! 

P.S.  I have set a goal for myself of 28 pounds by December 31st and I need a cheering team so jump on the bandwagon and let's hear some noise.

P.P.S.  Tina, do you want in on this challenge?  If so let me know and we can do this together!!!!


  1. Tessa-
    I wish you awesome luck...I think that is a good goal...I am cheering for you all the way..I have set my own goal for what I want to lose by December 22nd and seeing you guys all motivated motivates me even more....good luck!!

  2. You can do it :) I'm looking forward to following your journey!

  3. Hi Tessa! I am impressed! You go, girl! I am cheering 4 u! xxxoooo

  4. If you have your pedometer out I am going to have to walk the dogs everyday too, aren't I? That is to get me stretched out - I promise to do it too!

    I am ready - and I will be on the Team Tessa cheerleading squad too! We CAN do this Tessa - you'll see.

    1000 for me [sodium - and I have been counting all weekend! too! yikes! My ginger ale consumption is going to be seriously hindered tomorrow - It isn't that high -80mg- but I love it] I KNOW we can do this.

    Colenic can join too - right? Co - you can pick you own goal - and join me and Tessa. That would be cool - and Tina too absolutely!!! It will be like a mini party! YAY! Too much fun. 'Cause this will be. We will make this work.

    I am sending my leftover halloween candy into work with Pooldad - I love kitkats and reeses but they have a lot of sodium. So everyone make up a candy bowl and treat the co workers tomorrow.

    Take care Tessa and sleep well. See ya' on the flip side.

  5. ((((Tessa))))

    It's been so long since I've been around (well except my little pop in the other day, I posted a comment) I've missed you. I think it's a wonderful goal, best of luck to you. I will be reading and cheering you on the whole time! You can do it, I know you can.