Friday, October 22, 2010

Back after a short absence .....

I had to take a few days away from blogging to be able to digest what had happened to our wonderful Margie and her husband.  I've been reading faithfully everyday the comments being left by others.  It is truly amazing how one person can touch so many lives, what a wonderful legacy she leaves all of us.  Her family has arrived back at home with motorhome in tow and dear Annie settling into her new home.  Now it is time to let her family have some privacy so that they may remember all the wonderful things and let their grief begin a journey of healing.  May God wrap his arms tightly around them and keep them safe.  Margie and Bruce will watch over them from their Heavenly home.  Rest in peace my friends, until we meet again.

It's been a long week for me but much better work wise.  I finally had time to sit down with my Manager today and talk about the interview and why I was unsuccessful for the position.  She told me that my interview was very good and my skills are exceptional, she would just like to see me gain more experience in the Accounts Payable end of things before tackling a supervisory position.  Actually they have not yet filled the postion so it was extended.  I did apply again, because if I don't show and interest I will never succeed at getting where I want to go.

Food has been good the past few days, I'm down from 279.8 on the 19th to 276.4 this morning, so I feel like I am back on the right path again.  I am still weighing daily and charting just as I am wearing my pedometer daily and recording my steps as well.  I won't bore you with those numbers right now.

I have a new granddaughter born on the 19th, 7 lbs 11 oz, Amica Brennan.  I haven't seen her yet but hope to this weekend.  We are actually going to take the day tomorrow and go to a place called Iron Cross Mill, which is a huge shopping center outside of Calgary.  I want to do a little Christmas shopping and hubby wants to visit this enormous sporting goods store there.  I do hope his legs will hold up but if not I will get him a motorized scooter and he can get around that way.

Well that is about all the catching up that I have for now.  Will be back tomorrow after we get home. 


  1. Hi Tessa, hope you are feeling better now. A sudden tragic loss is a shattering exeperience, isn't it? Go girl re the food. Did you know I have always wanted to go to Calgary? Mainly for the stampede... xxxooo

  2. Hey Tessa. Glad you are back :)
    Beautiful note about Margie, Bruce and their family.

    Good job applying for the position again, good luck on learning the new info and getting the job!

    Looks like you are on track. You're doing great :)

  3. Congrats on the new granddaughter!!!

  4. Wow - what a week, eh? I know it has been tough, but you are a tenacious soul and really hung in there. The weight loss is fabulous and how did you sneak a grandbaby in on us girlie? That is wonderful! Can't wait to see pics'.

    Good luck on the job - keep your interest in there, they had wonderful things to say about you [see? :) ] and hope you have a great weekend.