Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hanging my head in shame ...........

Yes, I know better but I did it anyway.  Started binging on Saturday and could not stop myself ......... result up 3 pounds this morning.  I really need to think about what I am doing and why.  I know I was a bit stressed out but holy crap I managed to maintain all the way through the wedding and now this.........I'm going to the naughty corner for a time out!


  1. No time out ... get busy. If I have to do it, you do too. What's your plan for tomorrow? Stay on plan, exercise, find some motivation ... me too! Thanks for your comments on my blog, we're always learning. We've just got to put those lessons into action.


  2. Make a plan. Figure out your meals for the next couple of days. Maybe up the protein a little and lower the carbs a little. I always find that helps me fight the cravings. Oh and lots of water!

  3. Listen to Sheilah and Suzi - don't hang your head - move forward. This is a rare set back - just go, go, go. You can do it.

  4. Thanks ladies, you have some great suggestions and I am going to get back on track. Losing Maggie has shown me that life is precious and even though she is gone due to a freak accident she will always be with me.

    So tomorrow I am going to start and do as I need but I will win this battle. Giving this one as a dedication to Maggie.

  5. I did the same thing Saturday night, I have no idea why.
    Yours was probably because you are finally relieved of all that stress and busy busy busy. It's ok though, as long as we get back on it!

    Margie would want us to put our bad day behind us and move on. To do what needs to be done.

    Time to kick some butt :)
    Yes, scales have butts starting NOW, and I'm going to kick it.