Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dying, but not dead yet ......

Oh, what a horrible day, I work up this morning wishing I was dead, my sinuses are stuffed and I have a horrid fever.  I can thank all my co-workers for this as most of them don't seem to get what "NO SCENTS" means and insist on dousing themselves in perfume that I am extremely allergic to.  Guess they don't realize what they think smells nice can actually kill me......ugh!

To Sheilah that nominated me for the award I want to say thank you so much once again.  I really wish I could follow the thread and do the postings and the nominating that is required but I just don't have the time.  Most of the blogs I follow are already nominated and I have to admit that I only follow a few as time is limited.  I feel that everyone that has the courage to post a blog on a weight lose/maintenance deserves an award.  It takes a lot of courage for some people to own up to what has been an obstacle all their life.  So as much as I would love to accept I am afraid I must decline.

To all of you that follow my blog, bless your hearts.  I have made some lasting friendships due to you visiting here whether daily or now and then.  Your comments and suggestions are the best and I never take offence at any of them.

This week my best friend from high school lost her son-in-law to suicide.  Please pray for his family, her family and especially his wife and two small children.  We don't know why people are driven to such desperate acts and it is not for us to sit in judgement but to provide comfort and understanding to those left behind, who so often take the blame for that person's actions onto themselves.  Mental illness is a terrible disease and so devastating. 

Ok, I am heading off for a nap with hopes of waking up feeling better.


  1. No problem about the award, Tess. I hope you feel better. Don't let food be your comfort choice.


  2. Wow I didn't know perfume allergies could be severe enough to cause death - that is awful - we don't wear perfume/colonge as a rule because the smell make me nauseous. I have to be really used to it, but nothing like you Tess, poor thing.

    Hope you feel better sooooooon. Hugs!

  3. Oh Tessa, I'm sorry your feeling so horrible :( I hope you wake up feeling much better. Make them announce the no scent rule again!

    Sorry to hear about your friends son :( That is so sad, and you put it into words so well. It's not any of our places to judge, I wish the family the best.