Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yesterday it was important - today is too late .........

This mantra has been running through my head since yesterday.  Work was a bear, I had asked my manager for a few mnutes of time to chat about some issues that I thought needed addressing, especially all the perfume in the office.  Also, wanted to tell her I did not appreciate my supervisor yelling at me when she was frustrated about something else.  Well she obviously did not have or want to take the time so if she comes to me today I will simply say - Yesterday it was important, today is too late......... I don't have time to wait for her to make time.  Made a concious decision about the perfumes and that is that if I get really sick from them I will go to the doctor and make a Worker's Compensation claim, maybe that will open their eyes.  I am not wasting my sick hours because they refuse to do something about it.

Food has been ok the past few days, I have been being careful but no time to write it all down at this point and so many things on my mind that I have forgotten most of it.  I am doing the daily weighin like Tina and really enjoying seeing the progress or lack thereof each day. 

Timer going off, time to shower and rinse the color out of my hair.  Catch you later.


  1. Ugh :( Sorry about work. I think you have the right idea, you tried to talk to them so now you have to do what's best for you!

    I am really liking the daily tracker too. I find it keeps me on track a lot better!!! Glad you like it :)

  2. Oh, I forgot :)
    Doing your hair the same color? Or something different? Just curios. I like that color in the pic :)

  3. You did mention that she may not have had the time yesterday - so maybe you could give her another chance? I only say that because the sooner the perfume issue is taken care of the better off your health is going to be - I would absolutely hate for you to risk getting sick and going to the doctor's to make a point. Your allergy is scary and life threatening - no need to tempt fates, right? I hope they take care of it. SOON!

    Are you excited about the wedding? Can't wait to hear all about it [and pics maybe? please? heehee]

  4. Tina, hair stays the same color, it was just a root touch up and brightner.

    Skippy, I appreciate that you think she should have another chance but today was no different so back to plan B. One more day this week and then off for the long weekend (it's Thanksgiving here in Canada).

    Wedding excitement is building. Going to make salads on Friday. Even got hubby to go get his hair trimmed today. That was a miracle in itself. When he first got sick he swore he wasn't cutting his hair till they figured out whas what was wrong. Well it's been over two years and still no diagnosis, which is fine I don't mind the long hair. What I do mind is that we have not yet been able to find a doctor willing to go the extra mile.

    Good news is we now have all our rental units rented, finally. One has been empty since April so the extra income will be nice. We won't have to rob Peter to pay Paul next month. Usually they can stand on thier own when they are fully rented but when you have one or two empty it makes a huge difference.

    Promise to post wedding pics after Saturday.

  5. So excited! The weather should be beautiful and such a lovely time of year to be married.

    Sorry about the diagnosis on your hubby [or lack there of] what is IT with doctors.

    Please take care with the perfume issue. You know I bought a box of those surgical masks - they are paper - because sometimes the cold air can suck my breath out [sounds weird, bear with me] but they do mask smells too - you know they might go a long way to making a point without having to say anything AND you won't be breathing in their stinky scents.

    Hugs and can't wait to see all the fun. Stay well.