Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog gremlin did it again.........

great I just wrote a great post on determination and willpower and the blog gremlin got it ........grrrrrrrr. 


1.a determining or being determined (in all senses of the verb)
2.a decision arrived at by thought and investigation; conclusion
3.a firm intention
4.the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose
5.Law the ending of an estate or of an interest or right in property
1.strength of will, mind, or determination; self-control
2.The strength of will to carry out one's decisions, wishes, or plans.

Okay, so those are the definitions but now have to decide how to apply them to my life.  I believe that I am going to be able to explore these definitions and with determination will find the willpower to overcome my weight issues.

I did not get the supervisor position I applied for, even though she said I have the skills and had a good interview I was not successful.  I believe that it had to do with seniority as I am a union employee.  I am determined not to let it get to me but to see if there are perhaps some one line courses in management and accounting that I can take so the next time a position comes up I will have the right combination of skills to be successful.

We have come to a decision about hubby's health in that we are starting on a quest for a doctor that is willing to look at him and point him to the right specialist so that we can get to the bottom of his problems.  Someone that is willing to listen and not ignore him because they don't know what the cause is.

We have all out rental units full now with long term leases so that will ease the financial situation a lot. 

All in all life is good and so I am starting a new year of my life with a determination to find the willpower to overcome this horrid weight affliction and meet my goals.  No more horsing around, a more positive attitude towards life, more exercise and less whining......look out world cuz I am on a roll.

Weighed in at 275.6 this morning so have managed to maintain all through the wedding but now it is time to get to below 270.  I have been using the daily weight tracker and I think it has helped me to a least maintain over the past 2 weeks.  As soon as I figure out how to get it on this blog I will do so and if you are interested you can follow along.


  1. Maintaining is a good thing, especially with the wedding and all! Sorry about the position - I know our community college has a ton of those classes online or in class on Saturdays for a fraction of the price of 4 year colleges - you could take a few - or even complete an Associates degree in two years - that would look great on you resume and you would know so much more, maybe - never too late.

    Good luck with the doctors - good ones can be hard to find, but they do exist. Promise.

  2. Good for you not letting that position get you down! That's a great idea, be ready for the next time :)

    Attitude is so important to our weight loss, and yours is GREAT. You can do this :)