Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Firday, it's Friday, woo hoo it's Friday .....

Why is it working folks aways get excited about Friday's and hate Monday's, doesn't make much sense but then most things in this world don't.  I was just catching up on some of my blogs and realized it will be two weeks tomorrow since that horrid accident that took Margie and Bruce.  It actually seems like a lot longer than that in one way.  Everytime I look at the list of blogs I follow I see it increase by a day since her last post and keep thinking maybe she's just away on vacation.  Keeping her alive in my thoughts, she was such a good blog friend and so wise. 

I've been trying to figure out a way that I can get more water in daily well at work.  My biggest hurdle is that I like my water ice cold (I know it's not supposed to be good for you, but that's the way it has to be).  So trying to decide if I should take an ice cube tray to work so I always have ice and then try and drink a glass an hour or just suck it up and drink it warm (yuckie).  Gonna work on it some more this weekend and see what I can come up with.

Got a call from my oldest son today to tell me they have set their wedding date for July 9th next year.  This will be a hard one for me as I am not sure I want to go.  I really don't know her and do not see any opportunity for that to change anytime in the near future.  But I have time to make a decision on that as well.

Youngest son called all excited about his move and wanted to know if we were still planning on coming for Christmas.  Told him if the weather is good we'll be there (it's about a 4 hour drive).  Decision made.

Have a few more things to work through this weekend before I start my challenge with Skippy on Monday.  Going out of town tomorrow for a wedding so will have some driving time to do some thinking. 

Will see you all again on Monday with a brand new attitude and a brand new goal.  Till then big HUGS!!!!


  1. I know what you mean Tessa. I miss my Mom too. I keep thinking she is going to be in SC when I get there. It has been a short time, but seems like forever.

    You sound like you have a wonderful weekend planned. I wish I had a bunch of weddings to go too! I guess my turn is coming in a few years, right?

    I am already for our challenge - I am writing down a lot of things I eat all the time [yogurt, lunch meat, bread, fruit, beverages etc] so I can keep track easier on the sodium. I think both of us with feel a lot better for this eh?

    One thing we bought for the girls were water bottles that had insert [plastic] that you froze. We can fill the bottles with water, juice, etc and pop the insert in, screw it shut and it keeps the liquid cold all day without diluting the drink. [Although that isn't a problem with water. I think we got them at Target. That might help. My MIL [bless her, I love her you know] always gets mad at me for drinking ice cold water, but I really can't drink it any other way too, so I understand.

    Good luck and see ya' Monday. Hope you have a good one. Hugs!

  2. okay - since I hate to be grammatically[and I am trying to watch 101 Dalmations with Wallene!] it should read "weddings to go to/attend" and "I am all ready for our challenge." Oh and "will feel a lot better" - not with. BAH!

    I am easily distracted. Sorry.

  3. I still can't believe it.
    We will miss her always :(

    Take 3 20 oz bottles, 1/2 full of water. Put them in the freezer at night. Bring them to work everyday and keep in the fridge (if you have one available) Fill one the rest of the way with water, keep it at your desk. It should stay pretty cold. When it's gone switch it for a fresh one, and so on. Bring home, rinse and repeat.
    We do this all summer long :) So it should stay cold for you at work.

  4. I had a huge problem getting the amount of water i am supposed to drink several years ago. One of the things that helps me when I am not getting enough water is drinking through a straw (sounds silly but,,) I find that I drink the water much faster and I don't even realize it...the other thing that I love is lemon or lime in my water...which is next to impossible at work....I found a website that sells packets of lemon, lime or orange flavoring with no added sugar or artificial sweetners...might help!!