Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Absolutely no self control.......desperate cry for help!

I have fallen off the wagon and even being run over does not seem to be able to get me out of this slump I am in.  I can't seem to find any control at all as far as what I am eating.  Everything is fair game and the scales are going up, up, up.........Don't get me wrong I am not looking for pity but some genuine feedback on how I can get myself under control again.

I tried setting out a meal plan for a couple of days in advance and can even follow it faithfully and then all of a sudden it's like an alter ego appears and encourages me to eat all the things I know I am not supposed to.  I am an intelligent woman so why the hell is this happening? 

Our TOPS Area Captain did a presentation last night on stress, she pointed out all the negative things that can happen to our bodies as a result of too much stress.  It was not pretty but extremely informative.  So I got to thinking about what she had presented and even practiced a few of the ideas she gave to help cope with stress and help you to relax.  Did it work .... nope, nada, not a chance ..........  Does that mean I have no stress or I'm too far gone to be able to get it under control.

I have no idea and at this point all I keep thinking is ...Is it worth the fight?  Of course it is, I just have to find a way to put this devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear in his/her place.  So if you have any suggestions at all I would welcome them.  I know there are no guarantees in life but I honestly do not want to be packing this weight around for the rest of my life.


  1. While i believe everyone is different this is what helps me.
    When i have found myself out of control i find drinking my water, lowering how many carbs i'm eating and upping my protein really helps. I also go through the house and throw anything that might be a trigger. And whatever you do don't buy anything that will cause overeating.
    Hope this helps!

  2. We're in this together Tess, eh? I read what you wrote on my post today and you are so right - it is a fight.

    Just like you told me though - it IS worth - we have our down days, weeks - but we step back up to the plate because WE CAN DO THIS. And we each have our reasons for doing it.

    You are my friend. Internet or not. You inspire me with the fight you lead everyday but also for the love that pours forth not only for your family but for your friends.

    I will always be in your corner - as will so many more [hey girl look at all your followers!] We love you and together we will fight the good fight.

    I'll make you a deal - I'll keep my sodium at 1000 if you keep your calories at your acceptable level. Huh? Deal? I know it isn't that easy, but I really don't have much advice on how to work this through for you - I know what I have to do and I will happily have you along for the ride. 'Cause? I love you!

  3. Tess, I think there's something in the air or the earth is slightly tilting :) It's been a tough week for me too but I think I've fought my way out and you will too. I, like SpunkySuzi, thought immediately of water. When you feel yourself teetering is the time to drink a BIG glass of water. Come to terms with your emotions and dig deep for a solution. Just eat your scheduled meals with nothing inbetween telling yourself it's just a short time until the next time you get to eat. Hang in there, Tess ... things will turn around.


  4. Spunky, right now I am willing to try anything. By my own admission I do not drink enough water. I find it difficult to do so when I am work. The water in our office building is extremely high in calcium and leaves a harsh taste in your mouth. We do have water coolers but that is $7/month and I would never be able to justify paying that kind of money for the little amount of water I would drink. Think I'll take a few bottles of my own, we do have a fridge I can put them in. Thanks Spunky gonna put this idea to work for myself.

    OMG Skippy what can I say other than I accept your challenge. Starting tomorrow you have to stay in your sodium allowance and I'm gonna give staying in my 1500 calories/day the old college try. I make no promises other than I will post daily what I eat and my weight. I think for now it is important to see what that scale is doing on a daily basis. Your faith in me is unbelieveable, I'm not sure why you have it but bless your heart for it.

    Sheilah, I think you are right that I need to come to terms with my emotions. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now but I have to keep telling myself that no matter how bad I think I have it, there is someone else that has it worse.

    Thanks ladies for your support it means a lot to me. God bless you for your friendship!

  5. Sorry you're having a hard time Tessa. It seems a lot of us are lately! These last few days I have been giving into temptation a little to often...
    You know what my suggestion is :)
    Write down EVERYTHING you eat. If you know you have to come report to us what you put in your mouth all day, it might help. As bad as my food is, I do believe it would be worse if I didn't write it down.
    Water is important, taking some bottles to work is a good idea :)
    Good luck Tessa, I hope this week gets better as far as food. It's a little setback, but your still in the fight! :)
    And We're all behind you!!!

  6. Deal girlie! I will post my sodium at the bottom of my daily posts - just for you, okay? [I guess I am going to have to skip McDs and movie theatre popcorn now, huh? Dang - well YOU and I are worth it.]
    Hugs and love - we'll do this Tess - and Tina's ideas are AWESOME too!

  7. Hi babe, I have these suggestions: good idea to drink more water (or diet kool-aid). Eat some zero-calorie foods with each meal (you know, most veges have zero calories?). And definitely eat a decent serve of lean protein each day. Protein wards off hunger, it really does. If you are tempted by foods in the house, round them all up in a bag and park them with your hubby so he can prevent you from eating them. OR: spray them with bug spray.
    YOU are so worth it! xxxooo