Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yikes how could this happen .....

As you know I have been weighing in daily and doing pretty well with a small lose each day since the 19th.  Well this morning I stepped on the weigh thingamajiggy and it was horrible, just horrible I tell you.  Yesterday I was at 276.4 and this morning I was at 278, I didn't do any binging or eat crazy or anything like that.  Now as crazy as this sounds I am wondering if it is because I only got about 3 hours sleep.  Crap now I have to try and get rid of it all over again.

On the plus side I walked 13614 steps today.  I took hubby to this huge mall and we walked, and we walked and we walked till we couldn't walk anymore.  This is the 2nd time since the 1st of October that I have had a day with total steps over 10,000.  I am really happy with this.

As I said we were mall walking today.  Left home around 7:30, stopped in Airdrie for breakfast with the gang, went mall walking (shopping included of course) and got home around 5:30.  We are both totally exhausted.  I think hubby will need 2 or 3 days just to be able to get enough rest to move again.  He was really happy that I suggested it even though we both knew it would take a terrible tole on him to do it.  We know he is getting weaker so I want to be able to do somethings now before he can't get around anymore.

Of course we had breakfast out and lunch as well but I did only eat half my lunch at noon and brought the rest home so the Pugs and I had it for dinner.  I have decided that I am going to only eat half of every meal no matter what and see if that will be a good start.

I am really tired and can hardly keep my eyes open so going to say good night and till tomorrow, big hugs to you all.


  1. Tessa I can almost guarantee you the fact you only had 3 hours of sleep is why the scale tipped that way. I know for a fact if I don't get at least 6-8 hours my weight will be up because of the fluid retention from the CHF. [I know you don't have CHF, but everyone retains water during the day. Lying down/sleeping seems to dissapate it for me] Seriously - I think that is all it is. Since I KNOW you are getting a good sleep tonight [that is a lot of mall walking girlie! go you and hubs!!] I betcha' see a difference in the morning.

    Take care and give your husband my best.

  2. Just found your blog & congrats on your journey! Don't worry about a little "blip" on the scale - you're moving more and that in itself is going to help you be healthier. You WILL see results again soon!

  3. Skippy, you are always so optimistic but unfortunately I was up .6 this morning. This of course set me off on a crying jag and then hubby reminded me "muscle weighs more than fat and you've been really walking lately". I'll take that for now.
    Welcome D, glad you stopped in for a moment. I'm doing the walking thing and hoping for results. I too am a TOPS member (Chapter Leader) so my support team is very good and I get so much inspiration from the different blogs sites as well as my own.

  4. Try upping your water intake for a while. For some reason, drinking more water helps to get rid of bloat. Good luck and don't let this discourage you.