Sunday, October 10, 2010

Duped ............

Well as is likely with most weddings, this one did not go off without a hitch........this one caused by the happy couple themselves ......on purpose no less.  Remember I told you about the pop corn maker .... well there was a reason she was so adament about it being there.

We arrived at the hall around 3:30 and saw a screen with pictures being shown.  You know, things like pictures of when they were small, school, pics of the kids, etc.  Nothing unusual there!  Well it's getting onto 4 and the guests are getting restless, I'm watching the slide presentation and all of a sudden there is a pic of the them in their wedding attire in the snow.  I think what the heck, this is really good photography and where did they get the background.  Did the local ski hill have snow made already, it's been way to warm for it the past couple of days.

So I continue watching and then all of a sudden there is mention of a helicopter ride and ..........well the rest as they say is history.  They snuck off in a helicopter to the top of a mountain and got married in the snow.  All I can say is good for them for living their dream, they both love the snow.  They had the ceremony taped and then e-mails back to the hall and shown on the screen.  Now you know the reason for the popcorn.  It was getting onto dusk when they arrived so the opportunity for pictures was not real good but we got a few in.


  1. That's really cool that they did something different and memorable. I hope they had a great day :)

    Although, I'm not entirely sure I'd be happy about turning up for what amounts to a public screening. But at least there was popcorn :)

  2. Haha! My first thought was "Oh, I'd be PISSED!"
    But it was THIER big day wasn't it, hehe :) SO I guess it's pretty cool. Awesome even :) Go them!
    Thanks for sharing the pics of the special day!!!
    Now for some rest and de-stressing? :)

  3. MOST.AWESOME.IDEA.EVER. Who wouldn't want to nosh on popcorn while watching a wedding the way their kids wanted it. LOL - this is great.

    And that dress is to die for!! How beautiful. I bet it looked spectacular in the snow. What a lovely, lovely couple. :) Happy Wedding.

    Congrats you guys!

  4. WOW...that's pretty amazing...i was reading this thinking man I would have been pissed off...but they did exactly what they wanted and sounds like the day was a good one....congrats and now time to relax and unwind

  5. Good for everybody. The happy couple got married the way they wanted and everyone (eventually) got to share in the happy event when they got there. As they say it's "all in the way you look at it". Hope the coming week is less stressful for you.


  6. Anonymous, I removed your posting as I found it in poor taste for this blog.