Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wow the year is going fast .........

It's already just about the 6th of January, my gosh where does the time go.  Had a big meeting at work today finally found out what my job is going to be in the new world, exactly the same as what I am doing now.  I'm happy about that because there were some major changes coming down the pipes. 

TOPS on Monday was awesome.  We have some new contests going and I issued a year long challenge to all the members.  They have to weigh in every week with a lose in order to be eligible for quarterly prizes and then a big one at the end of the year.  Some complained about it but as I told them it is strictly voluntary so if you don't think you can do it you don't have to sign up.  It will cost them $5 a quarter to participate and over half of the members have already signed up.  I'm looking forward to the challenge and seeing the results.

0500  rice krispies, yogurt, banana
10:00 banana
12:00 raw peppers, cucumbers and a frozen meal
14:30 snack bar
18:00 checken stuffed w/brocoli, boiled baby potatoes, green/yellow beans w/carrots
21:00 low fat yogurt bar

I'm having a hard time trying to work long hours and still keep up with the blog so some entries maybe short and sweet but I will be here.


  1. I know what you mean, Tessa. The first week of 2011 is almost done already!!

    Wow, losing every single week is very hard. Sometimes, my TOM coincides with weigh-in and I always see a bump up, even if I've actually lost real weight for the week. That is one tough chlalenge you've laid down.

    I know the job duties news had to be a relief. It is always nice knowing what lies ahead, in the job situation.

    It looks like you are doing well on the diet! Keep up the good work.

  2. Again an awesome job on your eating. I love that challenge - what a great motivator.

    Take care and we'll see ya' on the flip side! Hugs and love sweetie.

  3. Tess, great to hear you so excited about the future.

    Our TOPS chapter started our "in the black" contest" where as long as you don't register a gain you're in the contest until the "last man standing". You then get $1 a week for the weeks you've lost. Our chapter is small and that's all the treasury can afford. That is part A. Part B (to keep motivation to lose that have had a gain) is that as long as you don't gain for the month you remain in that part of the contest until the "last man standing" or the end of December 2011 and you get free dues for how many months you went without a loss.

    You keep at it!


  4. great challenge! your dinner sounds very appetizing.