Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to work ..............

Hard to get back in the groove after having almost a month of short weeks.  Stacks and stacks of paperwork awaited me.  Don't know if I will ever see the end of it, but then it does keep me employed.

0500  fruit cup and yogurt
10:00 banana
12:00 soup and crackers
14:30 pudding cup
17:00 pineapple chicken, rice, green beans


  1. Dinner looks delicious and great job on the fruit and veggies today.

    I know Pooldad has been busy crazy since he went back. He likes it tho' as he doesn't get bored.

  2. How'd things go at TOPS on Monday? Is everyone excited to start out the new year in the black. Hope it'll be a good year for all of us.

    It's good to get back in the groove. Like you I don't think I worked a full week in Nov or Dec

  3. your dinner sounds yummy! good luck with your journey.

  4. It is definitely hard to get back to work after being off. Today was my first day back :-( I did good, though, and actually packed a lunch. I have part of my lunch packed for tomorrow...just need to make myself a salad, I think. Your dinner does look good! I'm still hungry tonight so I think I'd better go drink some water and eat some veggies.