Monday, January 10, 2011

It worked, it worked .............

I was so proud of my TOPS group this evening.  14 weighed in, 22.8 lbs lost and 3.2 lbs gained for an over all lose of 19.6 lbs................way to go team.  Seems like my challenge inspired them enough to test it out.....can't say how proud of them I am.  And part of the 22.8 pounds was my 2 lb lost so I'm happy about that as well.

05:00  cranberry bran muffin, orange
10:00  orange
12:00  chicken noodle sou w/crackers, celery and cucumbers, diet jello
15:00  snack bar
17:00  slice of bread w/ peanut butter & jam
20:30  fried egg w/cheese sandwich (1 slice bread)


  1. ::happy dance:: That is so great Tessa - so proud of you all. Amazing. What a great start to the week. YAY!

    Have a great Tuesday.

  2. Way to go team!! And especially congrats go out to you :)

  3. Congratulations on your loss and to your chapter. We only had one gainer last night. You always feel bad for that person ... but she'll bounce back.


  4. Yah, great WI! How many KOPS do you have? We have a contest that we're going to start soon & I started a motivational challenge for them from myself - I' glad that so many are participating! Our stats haven't been the greatest. We have about 45 members, 2 are men.