Monday, January 31, 2011

Checking in ...........

Just a quick note to post my weigh in for tonight, as you can see it was up again.  I'm so disappointed in myself that I just want to quit, but I won't no matter what.  Things have to turn around pretty soon I hope.

I'm still working lots of overtime hours and hubby had surgery on his other ear on Friday.  He seen the doctor on Tuesday and they did a rush booking.  I am hoping and praying that it works.

Our TOPS group went bowling tonight so that was a good stress buster.  It was a lot of fun as well, I don't bowl very well but definitely got some much needed exercise.  Working 12 hours a day sitting at a desk does not leave much time for exercising.  I get home and fall into bed, I am so exhausted.

Please don't give up on me I am checking in whenever I can find a few minutes.  Big hugs to you all.


  1. Never - but what is going on Tess. This isn't like you. It has to do with the 12 hour work days - that is amazing and ridiculous.

    Try to get up and walk around a bit during the day and take some crunchy veggies/fruits to snack on during the day - I know if I was there for that long I would be hitting the vending machine and soda machine just to keep my energy up.

    Take care and we will be here, don't you worry.

    Hope work slows down soon- you shouldn't have to work like that.

  2. ditto what SkippyMom said. We will be here for you.

    I know stress makes things difficult... but that's the time we really need to buckle down, and do what needs to be done! You CAN do this! You need to do this! ((HUGS))

  3. Give up on you? NEVER!
    Sorry I haven't been around lately, took a little unexpected break from blogland, but I have been thinking about you! Thought I better come check on you :)
    Just take it one day at a time, it is so hard when you're stressed out. I hope work gets better, and the stress less. Hang in there!