Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Version of Hubby's Poem


Going to church once a week is not the same as praying

Watching the children in in the yard not the same as playing
Dreaming of sea's and foreign land is not the same as going
Sitting in a boat with oars at your feet is useless without rowing.

Don't stay in one spot, don't take each breathe for granted
Dare to explore, set some goals, you will not be empty handed.
Every feast a banquet, silver trays, waiters and candle lit
This excuse may work, when you explain why your not fit.

You come to a meeting, step on the scale, yet you don't feel the burn
The journey has just started, there is much to do, and even more to learn.

The path is straight, but we take detours till frustrated and losing track
The group is there to encourage each one so you can find your way back.

Many have gone before us, and the advise they gave is true
The road to sucess begins with a step, and the step begins with you.
Dennies Vierboom

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  1. Just lovely - very inspiring Tessa. Tell him we said Great Job Dennis. :)