Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still in the deep freeze .........

We are still experiencing really cold tempatures here, -32C tonight and not much warmer during the day for tomorrow.  I have a sore throat tonight so hope I am not getting what has been going around the office.  Seems people get sick but they don't have enough common sense to stay home till they are completely better so everyone else gets sick too.

I'm in a really bad mood tonight and not exactly sure why or at least I can't put my finger on anything concrete.  Think I'll head off to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be brighter.

0500  muffin and orange
1000  orange
1200  chicken noodle soup w/crackers, celery w/laughing cow cheese, diet jello
1430  snack bar
1730  smokie w/sauerkraut, quinoa


  1. It is sad when people don't have the sick leave/personal time available to stay home and have to work sick - it punishes everyone else too.

    Hope you feel better soon Tessa. Glad to see you had some soup today. Hope that helped. :)

  2. Nice job on the loss Tessa!
    Hopefully that soar throat passes quick. Feel better!