Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 36

Well, I made it to Calgary and back, safe and sound.  The convocation ceremony was lovely and it was great to spend time with my niece and her family.  Still trying to shake this flu.  We went out to Cattle Baron's last night and I ordered a Steak Sandwich with small side Ceasar salad.  Was able to eat about half of it and then had to quit.  Still not much of an appetite and always feel yucky after eating.

Met my niece and her mom for breakfast this morning.  Ordered a mushroom and cheese omelet with hashbrowns and toast.  Again, ate about half of it before beginning to feel queasy.  It was really greasy and did not sit very well. 

Had a deli roast turkey sandwich with lettuce and mayo for dinner this evening.  Trying hard to eat something so that I do not get the shakes.  All weekend have been out of sorts with dizziness, shaking, achy.  Not really feeling sick just not well.  Hope it passes in a couple of days.  If not I guess will have to make a doctor's visit.

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