Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 34

Well I made it to work today.  It was really hard to begin with, seemed as if I had forgotten everything I knew.  Headache was still there and the muscles are still real sore but other than that seem to be on the road to recovery.  Still no appetite to speak of, simply making myself eat so that the shaking stops.  Seems funny for someone that is a food addict to no longer be interested in food.  Is it simply the illness, or will this become permanent.  We will see.

1/2 cup yogurt
1 mandarin orange

2 scrambled eggs
2 slices bacon
1 slice whole wheat toast w/1 teaspoon butter

1 mandarin orange

I didn't have lunch today, just no desire to eat.  But did better with dinner as yesterday that meal was totally skipped.

Taking the day off tomorrow to go to Calgary for my niece's convocation.  May not be able to blog but will try to get in  before I head out.  Really tired this evening so heading off to bed now.

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