Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slave labour should be abolished.......

hey wait a minute, it was.  Obviously, hubby didn't hear about it cuz he was a slave driver yesterday.  We did 3 yards and I was so tired last night I didn't even have the strength to turn the computer on.  Had a shower and was in be by 8:30 with every muscle screaming, "are you crazy".  Still cannot bend over this morning, ugh.  Really drives home the emphasis that it I wasn't the size of 2 people in 1 I could handle days like that.

Food was not bad but not good yesterday.  Due to how much we had to do we went for burger's at lunch and then ordered Chinese for dinner.  I didn't overeat but can almost bet they weren't that healthy.  Oh well, once in awhile is better than all the time.

My back is killing me so I am heading off for a snooze.


  1. I hope at least you had some cooler weather [it is in th 60s/70s here. Amazing] - please try to relax today and heal up. Bonus is you got a lot of exercise. [I hate yardwork.] Take care and enjoy tomorrow. :D

  2. New blogger here and checking yours out. I have chicken fried rice most every Friday and have been losing, so it can be done. Again it boils down to portion control and working things into your plan. Good luck!