Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home .....

Hi everyone, well I am back from Vegas and we had a great time, but as with all vacations it's nice to be home again.  As you can see there was a bit of a gain but I am happy with the scale this morning.

Vegas was great, the shows were awesome, especially Garth Brooks, and the girls were the best travelling companions.  We did a lot of walking and tried to eat sensibly, but that sometimes fell short.  We tried to not eat out more than once a day and the rest of the time we had fruit and munchies in our room.  Our rooms at Treasure Island left a lot to be desired and I definitely would not stay at that hotel again.  We did go for buffet one evening and two of us spent the night in the washroom throwing up so obviously something was not right.

Got home early Wednesday morning but had to take a couple of days to adjust.  Yesterday was a very emotional day for me as I had some very personal issues that I had a hard time dealing with.  Still feeling somewhat stressed but hopefully I can get back in the groove.  It's extremely hard when someone that you love with all your heart tells you that you act like a first class BITCH and the consquences to those actions are not going to be pleasant.

After hours of reflection I realized that person was right and I really need to change the way I do certain things so as not to offend anyone.  Sometimes that peson that stares back at you in the mirror is not who you think it is.  To be truthful for a while yesterday I just wanted everything to come to an end but that solves nothing,  Forgiveness of ones self is the first step to recovery but more importantly having someone you have hurt forgive you is the ultimate factor.

I will attempt to work through this and pray that God gives me the guidance that I need and the strength to deal with my faults in a postive manner.

On top of all that I went to get my driver's licence renewed yesterday and almost failed the vision test.  I couldn't read the small print on the chart and the numbers in the colored circles were all blurry.  They did finally renew it but I have the feeling that next time they won't, so I have a 5 year repreive.  I have noticed that my sight has been getting worse the last few months, things are blurry and my glasses don't seem like they are strong enough.  I had my dialation testing done in July but she said there was no significant change so not sure what is going on.

So I am back on track with food and hope to stay that way now.  Next big event is our daughter's wedding on October 9th.  I still haven't found an outfit as I want to wait and see how much more I can get off before then.  I'm not setting a goal but just hoping I can keep off what I have lost and continue to watch the scale go down every week.


  1. Glad to see you back. :D I bet Garth Brooks was awesome. LOVE! I think the scale looks pretty rocking for being on vacation for a week - it is the easiest time to gain because you have so much available to you to splurge on. You did good.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I'm glad you had such a good time! Sorry about the night of puking, that's no fun :(

    Wow, world class bitch huh? It's hard to imagine :) If you feel she's right, I am proud of you for admitting it and taking steps to change it... that is hard. I do think she could have put it a little differently... but that's just me lol...

    After that, and the Vegas Vacation, I think you done very well with the weigh in! You must have been resisting a LOT of temptation, or it would have been more like a 5 pound gain back from vacation!

    Back on track :) Here we go!!!