Saturday, September 18, 2010


Why can something as simple as losing weight not be simple?  I was having a great day yesterday and then ...... well, I did it to myself.  When I was in Vegas I found sugar-free Oreo cookies so I brought some back with me.  Because hubby is diabetic I am always on the look out for things that are sugar free for him plus I do not like Oreo cookies.  So what in the world possessed me to sit down and eat half a package of them (400 calories)?  I wasn't bored and I still don't like Oreo cookies, so what the HE__ made me do it?  This seems to be an age old question for those of us struggling with weight, and there is no hard and fast answer.  I was cold so made a cup of tea and then decided I needed a cookie to go with it.  Now if I had stopped at 2 (100 calories) it would have been fine, but half the package ......... really, what was I thinking?  Actually, I wasn't thinking or I would not have done it.  All I have to say is ........ grrrrrrrrrrr!  So of course then I over ate at dinner as I cooked and again, I know better because I always do that.  They say it is mind over matter but for some reason my mind is not working in the right direction.  Okay, enough of the self pity and kicking my butt back onto program.  The frozen meals may not  be the best tasting but at least they keep in check for portion control.

Today I forgot about food..... well not exactly forgot about food but decided to spend the day thinking of things other than food and calories. First we went for a visit so that I could cuddle my new granddaughter, she's up to 8 lbs 5 oz and starting to smile.  It is amazing how much difference a month can make.  We had a scare last week that she might of had Cystic Fibrosis but the tests came back negative.  She is a carrier but not a host, for that we are eternally grateful.

Hubby and I had a date this afternoon so we grabbed a quick bite at Dairy Queen, I had the chicken salad and then went to a movie - Grownups........ it was hilarious.  Then we went to the hardware store to get some light bulbs, seems that if one goes, they all go and it was getting pretty dim in here.  We had a bowl of soup for supper and now I am on my way to bed to curl up with the manuscript of a friend's book that she had written and asked me to proof read. 

Good nite all and tomorrow will dawn another day!!!!


  1. Tessa, they say there is reaction for every action or an action for a reaction ... whatever. Anyway, are you sure something wasn't bothering you besides being cold. Maybe if you separate items like the cookies into baggies like individual packages ... portion control like the frozen, it would help. May today be a much better day.


  2. I agree with Sheilah, excellent idea - and a good thing too is to freeze snacks like cookies [in individual servings] so you have to wait for them to defrost [Although my brother cold eat a frozen twinkie in a minute. I am surprised the boy has any teeth left - dont' try it. hee]

    It does seem rather odd that you ate what you really don't care for - but the bonus is they were sugar free - I can't imagine what 8 regular oreos have in way of calories. So that's good, right? I know you don't care for them, but I can understand eating them. They are my favorite.

    And when you cook for the family you can do the portion thing before you serve it. If you package up what you think will be the extras for the week before serving then there aren't seconds to go back for as they are already in the fridge/freezer before you eat.

    Good luck sweetie. Hang in there.

  3. I feel you, I have the exact same problem. When I'm having coffee I always want something sweet with it (oatmeal creme pies, the best lol) so I bought some Special K bars for when I get that craving. They are 90 calories and have lots of great flavors. I like the vanilla crisp, and the mocha.

    Loosing weight is Simple, but Simple and Easy are 2 totally different things. (Margie M recently wrote that) We know it's simple, but it's never easy.
    It's ok, yesterday is the past. Today is a brand new day!