Saturday, January 7, 2012

When life hands you apples make applesauce .....

Wow, it's been a rather hectic couple of days.  Just when everything should be going right pow something else upsets the apple cart. 

Finally got the washer and dryer in place and looking good (hubby is a handy kinda person to have around for sure).  Put a load of laundry in the machine and wow it works fantastic, put them in the dryer and ....oh oh ... horrid clanking sound like something is not connected right.  Called the store and they will send a tech over on Wednesday.  Meantime have two loads of clothes to be dried ........ what to do......... turn into a redneck of course and hang them from hangers in the bathroom.  Oh what I would give for an outside clothes line.

That was disaster #1, #2 came in the form of a plugged kitchen sink that liquid plumber would not penatrate.  So off hubby goes to the rental store and gets a huge sewer snake and has it unplugged in a matter of minutes, my hero.

So after all the hard work he's done I just could not get on his case for having a water accident with his computer.  We've unplugged it and taken the battery out and hopefully in a couple of days it will be right as rain cuz it was only water.

Now in my former life all these things would have made me into a glummy puss but not today.  Yesterday I came home from work and my grandson was here visiting with hubby.  He just decided to stop by out of the blue and they had a wonderful visit.

Today Jamie and Ashlene dropped by so I got a grandbaby fix.  Little Alex gives the best hugs, she is so cuddly.  And I went to the cheap movie with a friend to see Puss In Boots.

For every bad moment we encounter in life there are two wonderful ones to counteract it.  I am so blessed.

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  1. I know the washer & dryer are giving you lil' hiccups, but eventually they will be in right and it will be fine. I am forever hanging sweaters & stuff in our bathroom during the winter, so I don't see the redneckness heehee

    You surely did get nice treats at the end of the week - nothing makes it better than a trip out with a friend and especially a cuddly visit from your grand baby. YAY