Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well they are here, my new washer and dryer have arrived but they are not useable.  Why you ask?  Well even if you didn't I'm going to tell you.  Cuz the manufacturer doesn't realize that when they change the dimensions of their machines they may not necessarily fit into the space that the old ones did.

So here we have a 6' x 4 ' laundry closet on the main floor.  Ideal place for it, and my old machines fit perfectly, 30" wide and the perfect depth.  So I noticed when I bought the new ones that they were only 27" wide and thought that would be a great space saver.  Little did I know they took that 3 inches off the width and added it to the depth.  So now in order to get my machines to fit into the laundry room hubby has to do some fanagling with hoses and venting and whatever else it takes to make it work.  So I have no laundry service till probably late tomorrow or the next day.  Crap!!!

On a brighter note it was +8C here today, water running everywhere and what little bit of snow we did have is almost gone.  Weather forecast is pretty much the same for the next couple of weeks.  Wondering when we will get hit with our normal Alberta winter weather.

New neighbors moved in today.  In the driveway so far they have a Corvette, Ford supercab and a fancy SUV.  Obviously lots of money there so think I'll just stick to my side of the fence for now.  They are probably very nice people or maybe not ........ time will tell.  We have so many people coming and going from our block that you never want to really get to know anyone cuz most likely they'll be moving in the near future.  We've been here 10 years and the house on the one side of us has been bought and sold 7 times.  Hmmm maybe it's us.

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  1. It's definitely not you! :D I wish I could be your neighbor - although our neighbors are pretty cool here too. No one has moved in the 5 years we have been here.

    And you never know - your new neighbors may be car rich and house poor. Some people just like to have expensive, fancy cars even if they can't afford them. I see it here all the time. I don't care. We drive our 96 Honda mini van with pride :D

    Glad it is warming up for you. No snow here yet, but it is cold, cold, cold. I don't mind the cold if it would just snow.

    Good luck with the W/D. [Nice excuse not to do laundry for one more day. yippeee!]