Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm here ............

Hard to believe it's been over two months since I last posted on here.  I know I should have been here every day but went through a horrible period of depression.  Doctor put me on anti-depressants and they made me terribly sick.  My stomach got all screwed up and I developed rash like patches all over my body.  So I stopped taking them and my stomach straightened out and the rash went away.  Still suffering from mild depression but can handle it better than the side effects.

I have been reading your blogs just not posting here or comments.  I actually came in one day to visit Margie's sight to see if her daughter had posted any updates and the link was gone ....... poof and Margie is no more.  How sad for those of us that loved reading her blogs.  I guess her family felt it was time to let them go, it's been almost a year.

Life is ok I guess.  Still working hard and managing to make it through each day.  Still no news from the doctors and hubby isn't getting any better.  Hired a disability lawyer so now just waiting on a response from the insurance company to the lawsuit we filed.  It's a sad day when you have to sue to get something you've paid into for years.

This is Thanksgiving weekend here but no celebrations at our house, we just can't afford it.  Told all the kids there would be no Christmas this year either.  Will try to get something for the little grandkids as they don't understand but the rest is on hold.  Just going to pretend that the day is just like any other.  Hardly making enough to cover our mortgage payment and utilitiy bills so definitely can't even think about Christmas.

TOPS is still going well.  We had our fall rally last Saturday.  It was nice to get away for the day and just have fun. 

Gonna try our garage sale again this weekend.  Did it two weeks ago and made a whole $35.00.  Hopefully this one will go better.

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  1. This is SO weird! I was just over to visit you yesterday [I swear!] to see if you had posted or I had missed something and look, here you are! COOL!

    Sorry things are so tight. I think they are everywhere. We are only doing a small Thanksgiving, because there isn't much family left near us. Then I can use the leftovers for a whole week - it really saves us money.

    Christmas is another story. But everyone understands. It is just best that we are all together.

    I am sorry to hear the medication didn't work out too well - perhaps they should've tried something else? Or is it situational depression? Which doesn't require medication, but is better off with therapy. Sometimes we all get down because of what is happening, but don't need to medicate the blues away, just talk to someone and have our situation change for the better.

    I don't know about all that truly, but I do know I am so glad to see you and so happy you came back to say hi. Don't be such a stranger and take care of you. Please.

    Hugs my friend!