Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TOPS WI Last Night

Weighed in at TOPS last night - 284.4, which was down 2.2 lbs from the week before.  Not going to get crazy and do anything stupid.  Just gonna keep trying to cut and burn 100 calories per day.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I know I need to exercise but I am so tired all the time and realize it is because I am carrying around another person.  I just have to stay focused and remember Rome was not built in a day nor did I put all this weight on in a day.

There are all kinds of body shapes, genetics, medical conditions, etc that effect how the body handles the fuel we give it.  We have to find the reason for the gain and then deal with it.  Hubby being sick has definitely put a strain on my being able to focus on my weight loss.  I have managed to stay within a couple of pounds each week and I am proud of myself for doing that.  It is a small victory but a victory just the same.

Depression is a horrid affliction.  It can be a silent killer sometimes.  I fight everyday to keep my thoughts on the important things and not let the things I can do nothing about take over and make me crazy.  One day at a time is my goal, to get a good night's sleep, eat healthy and be supportive to my hubby.  I am trying hard not to let his negativity affect me.  It is hard for him, sick almost 4 years and still no diagnosis. 

Some of the things that the doctor wants him to do make no sense to us.  First and formost hubby is a diabetic.  When he seen the doctor the last time he wanted him to go on an all plant diet.  We scoped out the diet on line and it is made up of nothing but carbohydrates, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread.  I can just imagine what that would do to his blood levels.  Does this doctor not realize that he needs a balanced diet?  Not only would his blood levels be out of whack but he's gain back quickly the 50 pounds he just lost.

I've been attempting to cook more and avoid eating out.  It's really too expensive and definitely not healthy.  I have been slacking off on the cooking and we have been doing what we call "fin fors".  Everyone fends for themselves.  This also leads to really bad eating habits.  So I am now making a really concentrated effort to cook meals.  The funny part is, I normally only have to cook 3 times a week as we always manage to get 2 meals out of whatever i make.  How hard is it to prepare leftovers .... NOT!


  1. I am so proud of you on your loss! What a wonderful thing. You're working it even when it is so hard.

    There is so much information regarding diabetes I don't understand why you can't find information on how you husband should eat. I know he has been sick for so long, but if you work the diabetes first, perhaps the rest would fall into place. More fruits and vegetables [low in natural sugars] protein and non processed foods will go a long way to making him control it and feel a bit better, I think. I have no idea how a "plant diet" would contain so much starch. You either need to research this yourself, which I know is hard, or find a second opinion. That bonehead doctor isn't getting it done.

    You say that "Doesn't the doctor realize he needs a balanced diet?" I am wondering, doesn't your husband know the same thing? As nice as it is to have medical care, you don't need to be given a sheet saying "Eat only this/three times a day" - diabetes can be managed, and I know you guys can do this. If at all possible, please contact the Diabetes Association and get referrals for this. I think if you start with the "first and foremost" than you might be able to better figure out what else is wrong.

    You know I wish you the best of luck and am sending lots of hugs you way.

  2. Hi Tessa, I *think* that my comments are working again...we'll see! I've tried many times to post on your blog, ugh! (I did post some comments on my blog.)
    Anyway, congrats on the loss! Awesome! You're right that depression is horrible - people don't understand it unless they go through it (and I wouldn't wish it on anyone). Sensible eating is the only way!