Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Next Step ......

When comtemplating life one needs to always be mindful of those less fortunate than themselves.  I've been moaning and groaning so much lately that I totally forgot that even though I have problems there is someone out there much worse off than I am. 

It will be a hard weekend with no Thanksgiving celebrations but that's ok cuz there are hundreds of others in exactly the same situation.  I can still be thankful for God's blessings, my job, my health and that we still have our home.  The next few weeks will be rough but I pray that things will work out.

Getting back to the real reason for my blog is what is important now.  I've been holding my own with my weight but definitely need to take a long hard look at things.  My biggest issue is how do you exercise when you absolutely hate the word.  I can't seem to find the conviction to get into excercise mode.  I have all kinds of Wii games and two good feet but the ambition eludes me.  Any suggestions? 

I've been really watching what I'm eating.  Last night I did butter chicken with two chicken breasts and we had enough left over for our lunch today.  Hard to believe considering we used to be able to polish off twice that amount in a meal and we don't even care for chicken that much.

One of the ladies from the church dropped by my office on Tuesday and brought in some fresh garden vegetables.  They were so good and definitely welcome.  We have not had to use the food bank yet and I keep praying that will never become an issue.  I stocked up on case lots when we had a few extra dollars so we should be good for the winter.

I'm tired tonight so hoping I can sleep the night through.  Been waking up at 1 or two and not been able to go back to sleep.  Makes for a long day at work.

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  1. Heck, you don't have to have a turkey on the table with all the fixings to sit down and give thanks. Spaghetti will do, right? There is so much to be thankful for and I know that you are.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend. Get out, enjoy the weather, the leaves changing. Go for a walk. You've got two good feet! :) Hugs my friend.