Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 253 - What do you like to read ...

I thought a lot about this thing with my mom last night and have decided I am going to go and see what happens.  It I get too uncomfortable I can always leave.  I have to start looking at the positive side of things and stop being so negative.  She sent the invite so I am thinking she is extending an olive branch so to speak.  If I don't take it I may miss out on the remainder of my mom's life (she is almost 79) and I do miss her.  I have always hated family feuding so now is a good time to mend some fences.

I want to throw something out there to you as my followers.  Why do you read my blog?  Why did you sign up as a follower?  What do you look for when you read what I have written?  Are you interested in what I am posting as far as weight, exercise totals, what I have eaten in a day?  Do you check every day?

I am a curious person by nature and definitely not much of a writer.  I always feel like I am writing boring things.

Also, if I did another challenge what would you suggest it be on?

Lots of questions this morning but I look forward to reading your comments.


  1. I found y'all through reading "My Healthy Living Thru Weight Control" because I love to read RVers blogs [I know, completely a random way to come here, but....]

    I find you blog inspiring - you are trying something I can't even imagine and you come here and are honest about it. Not many people can do that and those of you that do deserve the little bloggie support we can give.

    I like reading whatever you write - and don't kid yourself - you can write and are very engaging. And you always answer any questions we ask, which is really nice. So whatever you want to write [as I like to say] it is your blog - we'll still be here.

    I don't have a lot of advice on your Mom except to say I think it is nice that you have decided to go as you do seem to have missed her. So much strife in life is caused by miscommunication and Moms and children seem to do a lot of that I find.

    Go to the party, be your gracious self and show off the pics of your beautiful grandkid[s]. They'll all be jealous [heehee, just kidding, kind of ;D]

    Hugs to you!

  2. I began following your blog because we are both grandmas trying to live a healthy lifestyle. You are never boring, that's for sure! Like you, I face struggles with weight, so I guess I keep reading "you" because I'm rooting for you to have big success!! Plus, I know you can achieve your goals.

    Margie M. writes at:

  3. As you might remember, I found you on Stacy's blog. That was actually the first blog I'd ever followed! So from that I saw that you and Megan were going to try to do what she had failed to. That's why I started, but getting to "know" you is why I stayed :)

    You are a nice person, and supportive. You are on a weight loss journey and I know how hard that is. I do like to see what your eating, for ideas and just because I'm also VERY curios by nature I guess lol.

    It's funny, I wonder the exact same things about my blog... I know I'm not as good a writer as others, and think I ramble on a bit. I wonder if I'm to boring lol.
    I don't find your blog boring one bit. I like to read about your weight loss and your life. You are a real person, with the real problems of the world. It is inspiring to me that you can eat well and stay on track even under stress.

    Along with that I love to read about your good days and joys in life. (And I hope that will be the case with your mother.) I try to read every day, sometimes I miss a post, but read it the next day in that case- So I've read your whole blog :)

    I also keep reading because I want to be here when you reach your goals!