Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 246 - Running lots of errands today ..........

Got up early, made my shopping list and headed out.  Went to Walmart, Canadian Tire, the bank, Sobeys and Tim Horton's.......yep, you read it right.  Thought I'd treat myself this morning so had

1 medium English Toffee Coffee (240)
1 blueberry/cranberry bran muffin (290)

1 pkg Budget Gourmet Spaghetti Marinara (tasted not bad in spit of the name) (280)
1 raw pepper (25)
1/2 english cucumber (25)
2 tablespoons calorie wise Catalina dressing (30)
1 cup fresh mixed berries (60)

I discovered something today that I had never really given any thought to before.  When I cook, I tend to eat more.  Now I try to make nutritional meals and keep the amount being prepared down in quanitity.  For instance when I made dinner tonight I prepared one large potato to be shared between hubby and I, steamed carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, raw peppers and comes the kicker, meatloaf.  Now it is extremely hard to make a meatloaf with only 8 oz of ground beef.  I usually do my ground beef up into 1 pound packages when I buy in bulk.  So here you have this 1 pound of ground beef, adding an egg, some tomato soup, onion and bread crumbs.  The smell is fantastic as it is baking in the oven.  Managed to dish up my 4 oz portion along with all the rest of my dinner ingredients and everything went well till came time to clear things away.  There was well over half of the meatloaf left and instead of putting it away (out of sight, out of mind), I started picking at it.  Before you know it, bam half of it is gone.  So when all was said and done here is what I had for dinner:

8 oz meatloaf (520)
6 oz steamed carrots (65)
4 oz steamed broccoli (50)
4 oz boiled potatoes (60)
1 cup raw pepper (25)
1 cup cucumber (25)

1.5 cups fresh berries w/4 tablespoons whipped cream (150)

Total steps 6046 (420 calories)
Calories 1845

Good thing I burnt off 420 so that brings me back down under 1500.  Have come to the conclusion that I need to stop cooking.  Yikes, can't afford to many days like this.

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  1. I hope this posts because I have been commenting - but blogger has been a bugger this past week.

    Next time you make meatloaf - cut it in half and shape two small loaves - freeze one and bake the other for a shorter time [it will, obviously, cook faster] and then you won't have any leftover. Another way to make healthier meatloaf is to mix in ground pork and ground turkey [or chicken] it is cheaper and has a lot less fat than hamburger and I swear you can't taste the difference especially if you are adding the tomato soup and onion.

    Good luck - and the steps you have been walking are amazing - keep it up! Just awesome.