Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 244 .....boring day

Nothing much new to report, things are quiet.  Hubby has a touch of the flu so it is really  Tina, I have had a pedometer for awhile now, I just forget to use it....cuz I'm lazy.  Thought I would break it out and see if I can get to 10,000 steps daily.  I have a job where I sit all day, and lately have been forgetting to take my breaks.  I started walking to get the mail every morning before I go to work so that gives me about 4 blocks to start off the morning.

4 oz yogurt (35)
1 orange (60)

1 cup each pepper and cucumber w/low cal dressing (65)
1 Teriyaki Chicken Bowl (these are from Costco and they are so good...) (370)
1 cup fresh blackberries and raspberries (90)
1 pkg Thinsations Chips Ahoy Cookies (100)

1 Life Snack Bar (100)

2 cups Campbell's Beef Barley soup (140)
1 cup blackberries (60)

Hubby didn't want me to make dinner tonight so decided to have soup, not one of my favorite things unless it is homemade.

I blew my TOPS conscious idea this week as we weren't supposed to have any chocolate and I totally forgot today.  Will have to pay my fine on Monday night.

Total Steps 4478 (calories burnt 315) - not good
Calories 1020


  1. Good for you walking to get the mail! That's what I always say I'm going to do. But I always end up picking it up in the car.

    I have a pedometer... somewhere... I might try and dig it out, it's a good idea!

  2. Wow - Tessa only 1020 calories and you burned 300 plus? How do you have any energy? That just seems so low [although I have to say what you are eating looks yummy - I have to find that campbell's beef barley! although I do like my soups homemade i will take a cup of campbells in a pinch.]

    I find if I don't have a pedometer if I initially count my steps during my daily walking [when I worked for example from the copier to my desk was 25 steps] I could just multiply how many times I walked that route [to the copier? about 10 times a day - that is 500 steps]

    Now that I am home all the time I can really count steps regularly without a pedometer - to the powder room is 40 steps, so round trip is 80 from where I sit at the computer - and that adds up.

    Hope that made sense [and helped. lol]

    Take care and hope you have a great weekend.