Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 245 - Woohoo, it's Friday.....

That one day of the week that I live for.......Friday, end of the work week, beginning of the weekend.  It's been an ordinary day, wishing they would hurry up and post the LottoMax winning numbers so I could collect my $50 million......I wish.

Went for coffee after work with one of the newer ladies in our office.  She's a real sweetie and we had a nice time.  It is always good to spend some time away from the office and get to know more about the other people you work with.

4 oz yogurt (35)
1 orange (60)

1 Bistro Panini (390)
1 cup mixed blackberries/raspberries (90)

1 Tim Horton's Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel w/butter (315)
1 cup raw pepper (25)
1/2 english cucumber (25)
1 tablespoon Russian dressing (60)

Total Steps 6982 (500 calories) - much better
Calories 1000 (will have something more later for a snack)

Skippy's mom, thank you for your concern but I have lots of energy.  I am going to add more to my daily calorie count probably in a week but I just need to do this for a kick start.  I don't get much exercise so therefore don't burn a lot of calories.  Partly because of my job and partly because I am just plain lazy.  I have been starting my day with a 4 block walk and once I get that implanted in my brain as a habit I will start to consume a little more in order to compensate for the difference.  When you weigh close to 300 pounds it doesn't hurt to eat a little less, you have plenty of extra for your body to burn.  I definitely won't starve to death.  Thank you so much for your concern it means a lot to me.  I really try to eats lots of fruit and vegetables to make sure I get all my vitamins.

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  1. You are doing so well with your fruits and veggies!
    I'm going to steal your idea and post my steps, as soon as I can find my pedometer... :)