Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another weekend down ...............

Wow, where did the weekend go?  Seems like it was Friday and now it's going on Monday.  Had a super weekend with my friend Nancy and her mom.  Got her apartment all moved into our shop and her settled in the realtor's basement suite for a few days.  We are thinking positively that she will get the keys to her new place tomorrow and then we have to move everything again .........

Took them to church with us today then had lunch at a little bayside cafe, the food was fabulous and the company awesome.  Came home and while they went to do some cleaning at the apartment I made dinner for us all.

It was a busy but awesome weekend.

Thanks Skuppy and Mensa for your comments on my previous post.  You are right Skippy she shouldn't get sick from the animals but it is more the constant build up of dirt in her house I think that does it.  She is constantly breathing in dust and animal dander and that is not good for her lungs as she has asthma and is prone to breathing issues.

As for me well you would have to force feed the internal organs if you wanted me to eat them.  I'd rather go vegan than eat them so gonna eat lots of dark green vegetables and lean red meat to see if I can bring the iron level up.  It's not too much under normal so will have to wait and see.  I know you are saying if it means the difference between being healthy or not healthy you should do it.  Nope, not a hope in he__, not a chance, no way, no how.  Sorry, but that is just the way it is and who I am.  I do not eat internal organs in any way shape or form. 

Call me spoiled or not knowing what's good for me, it is okay with me.  I would choke to death if I had to try to swallow it.  We ate a lot of it as kids and well I just can't do it now.  But thanks for the suggestions.  I did have a huge spinach salad with strawberries, onions, feta cheese, almonds and raspberry vinegrette for dinner though.  Delicious!

Yes, it is a big relief to be done with the insurance company and being able to try and regain some sense of normalcy.  It's been a long hard battle, but life can now go on and maybe just maybe I can get back to concentrating on what is important  - me and my family.


  1. AWESOME salad girlfriend. LOVE IT and very jealous I didn't have one too. heehee

    I get the whole not eating liver thing. I do happen to like it, but I was raised on it [beef, veal and chicken livers] so it has always been cooked to my liking. It is certainly nasty if not cooked well. But if your iron is just a bit under those greens will do the trick in no time. Try making broccoli soup or asparagus soup - SO easy - and a great way to get the iron too. Either one of those soups takes 30 minutes start to finish to prepare. I could eat them all day, even in lieu of sweets - so good.

    Now I am craving a salad. Wonder if there are any grocery stores open at 11:30 pm around here. giggle

    Best wishes to your sis - I hope her house stays clean for the foreseeable future [dusted]. Hugs!

  2. WAIT - I have broccoli soup in the fridge. Halleluiah. heehee


  3. Thinking about you & wondering how you're doing.