Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday, August 12th

Had a great but busy day today.  Got up and went to church for the first time in ages and it felt so good to be there.  Pastor spoke on the power of prayer but that we need to do it everyday not just once a week.  How right he was, we often forget that things happen in God's time not ours and if we don't keep in touch we lose out.

After church we drove out to my brother's and had a great visit, wonderful lunch and I was allowed to raid his garden so I came home with onions, potatoes, beets, carrots and zuchini.  The beets are cooked and cooling waiting to go into freezer bags.  We had swiss steak with fresh potatoes and carrots for supper.  Nothing tastes better than vegetables from the garden.

My brother is going through a rough patch right now.  He had the shingles replaced on his mobile home 2 years ago and they were not done properly.  Now they have major water damage and may have to find a new place to live if they can't get it fixed.  There is significant mold spores and rotting wood on the outside walls.  He lives on disability and the insurance company is refusing to do anything about it as it is caused by poor workmanship and the guy who did the work is being a total jerk and says he's not responsible for the damage.  Not sure what is going to happen but the local newspaper has gotten involved so we are hoping that he will man up and do the right thing rather than have his name in the paper.

Now just relaxing a bit before bed.  Got all of my weight charts done for TOPS tomorrow evening and I think I'll have a good sleep tonight.  Being out in the fresh air today and just relaxing has been a good reminder that I need these days every now and then.

It's gonna be a busy week this week and we have our fingers crossed that hubby gets a call from the college regarding his application.  Also hoping that the insurance money comes through so we can get our roof reshingled ............. and definitely not by the same company that did my brother's ........ lol.

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