Saturday, August 25, 2012

Now what .......

So things have been happening around here and I don't know where to start.  So this may be somewhat out of order but that's what my life is all about ...... disorder.

Beginning of August we had a settlement meeting with hubby's insurance company over his long term dfisability and even though we didn't get what we thought they should cough up we are now free from the elephant that shadowed us every day.  In order to get an insurance company to instate long term disability monthly payments here in Canada you must have a court order.  Our lawyer assured us that we could win the order but it could be 3 - 5 years before it would get before a judge and during that time we would constantly be looking over our shoulders to see if the insurance company had someone spying on us.  And again even if we won tbe insurance company could cancel benefits within a couple of months and we would have to start all over again.  This insurance company had already robbed us of 4 years of our lives so we decided to take a small payout and tell them to stuff their disability insurance.  Some would say that is a foolish thing to do but we had already been through the looking over our shoulders scenario and we just wanted to be done with them. 

We came home and sat down and discussed how best to proceed from here.  Hubby's medication is easing the pain somewhat so he decided he would change career courses and look to see if there was something out there that he could do with would allow him some flexibility.  Now he is a certified plumber, gas fitter, sheet metal worker and HVAC mechanic as well experienced in electronics, boilers and other trades.  But because he can no longer do the field work he wanted to do something that would allow him to use the knowledge and experience that he has spent years gathering.  We happened to be looking at the local college site and out of the blue there is a posting for a someone to teach plumbing theory.  So we gathered up his tickets, built a resume and sent it in.  Still waiting to hear from them but we have out fingers crossed.

My sister has now started the 2nd half of her chemotherapy.  This is the half that could have all kinds of side effects and create all kinds of health issues.  Well into the 1st treatment she goes and sure enough she ends up in the hospital with pnuemonia.  She is home now and doing better but it was a little scary there for a bit.  I took my mom down to see her this past Wednesday and they had her in isolation so we did the gown, mask and gloves thing.  It scares me when she has to go to the hospital like that. 

Her husband can be non-supportive when he wants to and does not attempt to keep the house clean so I am sure that contributed to her getting ill.  Dad went this morning to the Brick and bought her a new leather sofa so we could replace her old, wprnout, germ infested ones.  He was pretty proud of himself as he told the salesman that it was for a young woman stricken with cancer and they gave him a $1,000.00 sofa for $349.00.  Only my dad could pull that off.

I am going to look into getting someone to go in an do housecleaning for her this coming week on a weekly basis.  We just want to make sure that she has the best advantage possible to beat this horrid disease.

My girlfriend bought a half duplex and got a smoking deal on it as it was a distress sale,  But there were some complications and she was supposed to get possession on the 21st and if has been postponed till at least Monday now.  In the meantime she had to vacate her apartment so all her stuff is in our big shop and her realtor is letting her bunk in his bedroom suite till it is settled.  The poor girl is only 25, first house purchase and this happens.  She is handling it remarkably well.

Have finally found a good family doctor for myself so I had an appointment to get my test results this week.  Everything was good except for my good cholestrol which was too low and my iron level is also too low.  Waiting on an appointment with the dietican so that we can look at maybe correcting it with diet before using medication or supplements.  Felt releived that was all that was out of wack considering my weight and family health issues.  She did assure me that I could eat all the red meat I want for the time problem here.


  1. Tess, haven't seen anything from you in awhile and was wondering what's going on. It's seems like alot, but hope things are turning around to be more positive. We have a lot in common besides being close in age. My husband is a retired plumber and my sister is slso going through chemo.

  2. Try leafy greens [dark] and organ meats. Red meat isn't that high in iron that it would help your anemia enough. Believe me - they call me transfusion girl. giggle And a supplement never hurt an anemic if you are anemic enough to need it. If it is just a little bit, as most women are - then the greens and such will help immensely.

    I hope your sister is doing better soon. I can't imagine a dirty house would cause pneumonia, bless her heart. I know I had to be careful - wear a mask out of the house, wash my hands constantly, avoid sick people - but a messy house? They didn't warn any of us about that. Wow!

    Good job on your Dad getting a new sofa. I bet it will be so comfortable for her. Give her my best wishes. We'll say our prayers for her.

  3. PS - I forgot to say congrats on finally settling the disability dispute and putting your mind at ease. I know it wasn't easy, but sometimes those types of decisions never are. Bravo to you both. And fingers crossed on the awesome job. That would be perfect. :)