Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 80

Thank you ladies for your comments and I am looking into the recommendations that you made.  Here in Alberta we have a fairly good medical system that allows us access to physicans at almost any time.  The problem I am finding is that some of them really do not know a lot about diabetes.  I also wondered at the meal plan the doctor/dietician recommended for my husband's diabetes.  But they tell us that each meal should contain carbs and that the amounts set are the right amount for his height, weight and blood sugar readings.  I have been searching the internet for diabetic meal plans but some of them are extremely difficult to follow.  We are both members of TOPS and have been having steady loses over the past several weeks and attending meetings faithfully to learn about making life style changes.  I am also looking into setting up some sessions with a personal trainer for both of us in the new year.  I so much appreciate your comments and take every suggestion seriously.  I know it has been awhile since I last posted and feel bad about that.  I went into a depression and had a really hard time with some family issues.  Seems the holiday season is harder on me than I like to admit.  We did learn at our TOPS meeting to not be concerned to much with a lose over the holidays but rather to try to maintain and we got a list of holiday tricks to help keep from over doing it. 

I also have been following Stacy's blog, and I just read all her comments from her last post.  Wow, some great suggestions there and I am going to look into some of them as well. 

Again, ladies thank you so much for your comments and suggestions.  This is part of why I started this blog and I do have every intention of getting to my goal weight of 155 lbs in the one year period.  Please stick with me and keep those comments coming.


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