Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 64

The countdown to Christmas is on.  Only 17 more days.  Spent all day yesterday baking and making goodies.  I was really proud of myself, I only had 2 cookies.  Made hubby be the official tester of each item, he actually did really well also and even refused a few.  Tomorrow night is weigh-in and our Christmas dinner for my weight lose group.  Will see how well I resisted things.  Been busy again today, got down the decorations, tried to fix the outside lights that the wind blew down but gave up as they all came off.  Did laundry and cleaned the pantry.  That was a big job all in itself.

1 cup mini wheats with 1%milk

Ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat

3 small quiche


  1. Hi Tessa:
    I too am 56, got pregnant at 36, when I weighed 128 pounds. Gained 75 pounds and have gained and lost 30 - 40 pounds several times over the 20 years. I'm so discouraged at times, because it seems so impossible. I have been to a doctor who works with diabetic patients and who is type 1 himself. I'm in the Insulin resistance phase, and am grateful to not be diabetic. However he suggested that I read "The Diabetic Solution" by Dr. Bernstein. It's tough, but it's working. No more than 30 grams of carbs a day...

    So when I read these blogs (yours and STacy's) and hear about toast and rice and pasta, I you lose weight. My weight will not budge when I eat carbs in any amount...just a thought for you to ponder.

    Good luck

  2. Hi Tessa:

    I just read through lots of your blog, which I had not done prior to my post of tonight! I cannot believe that you have had an MD suggesting that your husband eat the foods you are describing, if he is a diabetic.

    Are you familiar with carbohydrate addiction? I'm pretty sure I'm an addict, and that means that if I overeat carbs (i.e. rice, potatoes, bread, pasta - any of the really strong carbs) there is no turning back. And that's where I am right now. the background...

    In the beginning of November, I decided that once and for all (of course right before Thanksgiving!) I was going to lose weight. I looked at weight watchers...I didn't want to pay for the privilege! So I looked at Atkins website - it is awesome! There are menus, receipes, support groups...loads of stuff. So I looked at 2 week "induction", made some notes, went grocery shopping and got started.

    The first week I lost 10 pounds as the tissues released the fluids they were holding onto. The second week I lost a couple of pounds. The third week the same...after about 18 or 19 days, along came Thanksgiving...

    I was feeling really good about having eaten no more than 20 carbs for weeks, my head was clear (I get very foggy on carbs), I had energy, I was proud of myself, my clothes were getting looser...

    I had a plan, I had been telling myself for weeks that on Thanksgiving I would eat no appetizers and would consume normal portions of turkey dinner and a piece of pie, within one hour (have you read Dr. Heller's "carb addict's diet?") Well I did most of that, with the exception of a second piece of pie!

    The next day I fully intended to go right back to the straight and narrow...and I did. Then there was a bite of this a piece of that. Dinner at the pub is no fun if you're not having a pint...major carbs! So needless to say I am struggling to get back on the straight road, KNOWING that Christmas is right around the corner adn I'll go through the whole thing again, even if I do get back in control.

    Long story short...when you said that you felt you needed to work on your mind and your body, I think you are right. Addiction is in both places, and this is a carb addiction (in me).

    So, once again, good luck...