Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SHort Update ....

Went to the doctor yesterday and she has ordered a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound.  These are booked for the 20th and will get the results on the 21st.  Trying hard to stay positive as that is half the battle.  I spoke with my manager today to let him know what is happening.  I felt sorry for him as I didn't realize the impact it might have.  He had tears in his eyes and couldn't speak for a few minutes but told me that no matter how much time I needed just to take it and he would make sure no one fussed about it (we have some in our office that have a tendancy to stick their noses in other people's lives).  I just wanted to reach out and hug him, he is so awesome.
It's still somewhat surreal, I think because my sister starts her 6 weeks of radiation on Monday.  Here she's not even finished and there maybe a chance I'll be starting.  But it is Christmas and I refuse to let this small bump in the road slow me down.  Hubby brought the tree in tonight and now my house smells like pine.  Will get the decorations on it tomorrow.  Gonna work on my Christmas cards tonight and hopefully get them in the mail by weekend.

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